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Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Hey everyone. This week was pretty cool!

I had my first ZLC today. Well actually it's called a MLC now since we have sister training leaders. (Zone leader council and mission leadership council). But that was super cool. Also, VERY long. It started at 9:00, and it ended at 4:00. But it was really informative. The assistants and the mission president were there and they were training us on how to be better zone leaders. We reported our numbers for the zone and the plans we have for the upcoming month of July. President complimented us on our plans so that felt good. He also called on me and Elder Ahrens to demonstrate how to ask members to come out with us on Sundays to help us teach (for the rest of the upcoming week). That went really well too, so that was cool.

No baptisms this week unfortunately, but we have people that we're working with so they will be coming up soon! :) Jordan, a 14 year old and his two younger brothers and then Nick who is in his 30's. :) We went on a ton of exchanges this past week. 3 in a row! And since exchanges last 24 hours each, I wasn't with Elder Ahrens for a while. it was pretty weird. I went with two District leaders in our zone, and one of the assistants, Elder Quesne (cain). He's from England and super legit. [And single!! ;) ] He's going home in September and he's going through Sacramento and then down to southern California to explore the states before he goes home. But I learned a lot from the exchanges so that is always good. I went to the Spanish elders' area and I didn't know how to speak Spanish so I wasn't able to help out very much besides just encouragement and support! But they're doing pretty well. Other than that, things are getting super hot lately and super busy which I love! :) This gospel is 100% true, I guarantee it!!!!

Sorry, I will probably be getting an email from my mom about how this is so short but we are super late and low on time today. And I don't have any pictures since my camera is getting fixed. (the battery flap kept opening so since I had the warranty on it I sent it in.) So when I get my camera back I'll send some home!!

Love, Elder Wilson

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