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Tuesday, July 16, 2013


This transfer went by so fast it's insane! Next week I will know if I'm getting moved or what's happening with transfers! It's been fun being with Elder Ahrens, we've definitely had some funny moments together.

So we got a text from President Moffat saying: "I'd like to work with a ZL or Assistant companionship from 6-9 tomorrow night. Any volunteers before I choose 1 of you? :) " So scary! Elder Ahrens and I volunteered. But it went really well! He came out with us after dinner from 6:00 til 9:00. That was pretty fun actually. He wasn't sitting back and observing as much as he was helping! He did some OYM's with us and taught Ashley with us. We gave her a calendar and she's like "Oh, you guys did this for ME?? Ah, dang!"  It made her feel special but it was pretty funny. But yeah, President Moffat wasn't that bad, it was actually really fun to spend the night doing missionary work with the President!

Vivian is a new investigator that we found this week. She is very religious and very faithful. She accepted baptism for August 3rd! So that's cool. I hope she reads and prays so she will be ready by then. The member we took with us was a convert to the church from Catholicism, which is what she is so that was good. He really enjoyed coming out with us. He asked if he could come out with us the next time we go over to her house. 

We picked up a new investigator, Chris Senn. He's 11 and recently adopted. His real mom apparently mentally emotionally and physically abused him. So he's really messed up which is sad. :( His mom was on the FBI's top 10 most wanted list for the things she did to him!!!

We took Ashley to a baptism. She really liked it and said that she noticed how everyone was happy, so we pointed out that they were feeling the Spirit and she really enjoyed that. So it's exciting! We also picked up another new investigator named Randy. He lives in some extended stay hotels because his house recently burned down. That would really stink. But he's a really nice, loving guy with a big heart. He as crying when we first talked to him, and during the lesson we taught him yesterday. We taught him the Restoration, and invited him to be baptized. He accepted August 10th! So that's cool. We're finding a lot of people lately, and it's all because of the Lord I absolutely know that. 

Sundays are always so hectic and crazy. And way stressful! Nestor came to church! He was outside waiting for us when we came by to pick him up. Such a huge relief as a missionary, let me just tell you! haha. Then we found out that Chris came to church too. A miracle happened! Britania called us and said she was outside of the church. We taught her a little bit, then gave her a blessing. We invited her to stay for church,m and she said yeah! She really loved sacrament meeting. She asked me how she could always be this happy, and I said well it all starts with baptism. She asked how she could do that. I said well we have to decide on a date. What about August 10th? She agreed! :) :) I love miracles. 

I love this work!!!!

Love, Elder Wilson

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