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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Wow crazy week!

This week was insane in the membrane! First off, I had my first zone training meeting as a zone leader. It feels like such a long time ago now since this week was packed full of things, but it was only 6 days ago. It went really well! We focused on getting the missionaries the tools they need to get people baptized. And those are inviting on the first lesson, getting them a calendar to show them the dxays we will come by and when they will be baptized and things like that, getting them a good fellowshipper that will stand with them and encourage them (and read the Book of Mormon with them). Then we did a really fun activity with dodgeballs where the investigators had to run through an obstacle course with "temptations" (dodgeballs) being thrown at them. But they got different shields for different things. They all god different scenarios. 1. if they were invited on first lesson to be baptized then they got a clipboard with a piece of paper saying "baptismal invitation" on it. If they got a calendar they got a big cushion to help block the temptations. If they got a fellowshipper, one of the assistants guided them through the course, heling block the temptations as they were thrown. Then, if they got the fellowshipper to read the BOM with them, they got a chalkboard rolling next to them to completely block the balls so the could get to baptism. The missionaries all loved it! Then we had them practice/role play inviting people to be baptized in the first few minutes they meet someone. (OYM's). That was effective as well.

I went on exchanges with Elder Conley this week, too. We were at an apartment complex called "San Francisco" hahaha. It's a bunch of apartments brightly colored and slammed super close together. But we met a very interesting guy there. He pulled up and started yelling at us accusing us of being racist and that our church is all about money and some other pretty ridiculous stuff. So that was pretty funny. Then we were going through the park and we ran into Jasmine Cozak from midvale!! That was cool. Her and her friend Janessa said they would meet with us the next morning, and so we did. We invited both of them to be baptized, and they both agreed! Pretty awesome what the Spirit can do. 

So I don't remember if I told you about the miracle new investigator, Ashley Welch or not. But if I did oh well. She flagged down missionaries and said that she wanted to meet with us! So Elder Ahrens and I taught her and she agreed to baptism. That was pretty legit. She lives by herself though, so to teach her we have to bring another guy with us. But she is straight from Iowa so she has that accent. Pretty cool to talk to. 

Monday was insane!! At around 3, a freaking hurricane powered rainstorm came! Literally the rain was coming down so hard that the gutters were overfilling and flowing off the roofs, the drain gutters in the streets were filled up to the curbs! CRAZY. We took shelter in a church building for about 10 minutes. It was even hailing. In July! Later that day (after the rainstorm it cleared up and was hot again, probably about 90 degrees. Utah. What do ya expect. We got a call from Bishop saying that there was a house where a flood happened. Apparently the rain was so hard and so fast that it filled up a window well in a house and the pressure from the water burst the window, flooding the whole basement!! That happened with two houses so we spent our time doing that. We had to gut the entire basement. Furniture, flooring, everything. Man that was crazy. I felt so bad for the home owners!

Well this work is amazing and I never want to leave. End of story. I love you!
Elder Wilson

Sorry it's a little washed out, but this is a little gift I got from my parents! 
Elmer gave it to me since he's the homie.

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