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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

This week

So SOMEbody (definitely not my mom ;) ) was wondering what a zone leader does and what his responsibilities are. I guess I didn't really put a lot of detail into my last email. So basically it is a lot of the same responsibilities as a district leader but you're held more accountable and more responsible. We have to do call ins nightly and report them to the assistants to the president, and on Sundays call ins take FOREVER. we start at 8:30, and go until 10:30. Strictly talking about numbers (new people that want to be baptized, people that came to church, etc). Then Mondays we call the assistants and report all those numbers for about an hour to them. (things get filtered as they go up the line, district leaders get all the info, then call us with the things we need to know, then we filter those and give them to the assistants (what they need). Then they spend the rest of Monday until about 4 they call President. So it takes forever.
Then we go on exchanges with the district leaders and the assistants. We're going on one tonight. 
hopefully that's enough!!

Zone conference was Wednesday. That's where President Moffat, the assistants, and the zone leaders teach things to the other missionaries in the mission. It takes forever. 9 until 4:30!! But it was really really good. I got a lot of good insights from the others teaching, and I know the others did too. The zone conference was kind of centered around planning and teaching skills. That's what the mission really needs I think. Because without plans, nothing will get done. At least nothing productive, haha. 

Kirsten got baptized!! That was a really good experience. It was pretty nerve-racking though, because we weren't sure if anyone else was going to show up. President Swain and President /Sister Moffat! There were only about 10 people there. But then at 6:05, all her family showed up. There was easily 70+ people there. Satan worked hard, but God will prevail!! ;) The service went really really well. The spirit was super strong! President Moffat and Swain complimented us on the interlude (the time when they're getting dressed) we read the Joseph Smith History account of the 1st vision. That brought the spirit into the room really strong. :) I'll include a picture of her baptism!!

We're working on finding new people to teach. We fasted to find new people, so I know it's just a matter of time, now. :) We're focusing the zone on teaching people that don't come out to church very often to try and get them to come. The Lord will bless us when we take care of the people He has already given us. Can I just say that I am so glad to be a missionary??? The broadcast on missionary work Sunday was so awesome. It gave me such a huge excitement to go out and serve the Lord! And get as many people as I can to know of the truths that I know. I know for a FACT that this Church and Gospel is Christ's restored Church from the one He set up when He was here. Maybe we as missionaries aren't perfect teachers, but the Spirit is. So when we put ourselves in a position where the Spirit can radiate from us, they'll be able to recognize that we are servants of the Lord. I love you!!

Elder Wilson

 Stefanie's baptism!

Kirsten's baptism!

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