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Monday, June 25, 2012


This wednesday is transfers! I heard from the grapevine and the grapevine heard it from a little birdie that I may or may not be getting transfered this week. SO we'll find out!! haha :) I'll let you know next week.

hmm where to start. alright lets start with monday! haha.
Man I love P-day. It's seriously the best day in the world!! of the week at least. haha :) we get to do laundry, email, letters and wear normal clothes to sports with the zone!! We taught Charles and Molen after zone activities, and Charles accepted to be baptized! :) Molen wasn't there so we couldn't invite her as well. But she seems really solid so we think she'll accept it. :) 
that's pretty much it for P-day haha. oh we went to family home evening at the Sharps again! They always have the best food and they're fun and spiritual and a super great family. :)

Tuesday we had district meeting and I didn't have to role play at all!! :) Elder Weier had every other companionship role play as if we were finding an investigator on the street. After that we went to Back East and that was good. It's a philli cheese stake. <--I've been a missionary too long hahahaha :) STEAK place. It's pretty good but a little expensive. Then we went to ice cream just Elder Weier, me, Elder Blanc, and Elder Wilde who are our Zone Leaders. they're a lot of fun haha. I was full so I asked if I could just get toppings instead of ice cream. the worker there kinda laughed but said it was okay. Elder Wilde got a kick out of that haha. and it ended up only being like 50 cents! :)

Wednesday the zone leaders came to study with us, so we did that and I had to role play which I hateee. I get all flustered and my teaching gets all choppy. In real life teaching, teaching real life people it's a lot easier. Nobody is judging me on how I'm doing so it's a lot more relaxed. Anyways so we went to the temple!!! We missed our temple day TWICE because we get to go once a transfer but the zone leaders didn't tell us in time. But it was an awesome experience :) I love the temple!!! We went to the Jordan River Temple. It made for a really calm and peaceful day! :)

On Thursday we had a training for all the missionaries who will either be getting trained or training. It was pretty good, and I got to learn how to teach people more. (no role plays for me! ;) ) BUT I got to see Elder Denny, Piutau, and Clark!!!! :D I got pictures with each of them so that was good. It was kind of sad at the same time though because I might not be in the same mission as they are so that will be bad. As in I won't be able to see them anymore! The mission splits at this transfer which is June 27th. I prayed to have Elder Clark in the same mission as I am but He knows best so we'll see what happens. ah!

So friday we were studying and we randomly got a phone call from the assistants to the President and they said they were coming over! So we opened the door and did comp study. At first, at least.. then we were talking and Elder Stuart the AP told me to go into the other room! So I did and I could kinda hear through the door that they were chastising Elder Weier! About how he needed to be more humble and not backlash when the Zone Leaders ask him to do an assignment. I felt bad because he really doesn't backlash or question why he has to. He has once, but that was just because he felt like he was being a babysitter haha. 
So after that we went around and contacted referalls and people we were told might want to hear the gospel. We were able to set a few appointments and set them for saturday. Four of them!! 

Saturday every single one of our appointments called and cancelled on us. :( that was pretty sad. The Zone Leaders wanted to go on exchanges with us, so Elder Wilde and Elder Weier were together and Elder Blanc was with me. But when we went to go inside to study after meeting them at their car, we were locked out!! So we studied outside hahaha. There were probably about 5 HUGE spiders that crawled on us but we just flicked them off. And Tiger our pet cat was outside just chillin and there was one of those ridiculously HUGE bumblebees flying around so he got down in prone posisition, and swatted at the bee! He got it!! hahaha. it fell to the ground and he swatted it again haha. Then he went all stealth mode on a butterfly but I think he missed it. haha. Our cat is LEGIT!
But the rest of our Saturday was super awesome!! Elder Weier's old friend from Wisconsin took us out to lunch and paid for us! We went to a place called Hire's Big H. It's basically like an upscale fast food place. Like Islands back home. It has a menu and stuff but it's a lot faster than a restaurant. Anyways it's super good. :) Then the Payne's took us out to olive garden for dinner!! To say the least we were very full saturday hahahaha. 

Gosh June is already almost over. On Sunday we went to the 5th ward, then the 1st ward at 11:30. We taught the class that Brother Sharp usually teaches because they're out of town. But it was the 12-14 year olds and there was literally like 15 kids there!! haha. There were 5 guys and the rest were all girls! There's 6 really comfy chairs in there, and the rule is that the girls get to have the comfy ones and the boys have to sit on the cold metal ones. But this punk kid named Rev wouldn't give up his comfy chair to the girls! he was being kinda rebellious the whole lesson. I think he's a good kid though don't get me wrong. We taught about missionary work and how they can be missionaries in their own lives with their friends and things like that. it went really well we felt :) I was fasting that a lady in one of our wards would be able to get the job for the job interview she has today (monday). She really really reallyy deserves it she has a hard life right now but getting that job would make things so much better for her. 
So dinner that night we went to the Hunt's, and they had such an amazing dinner!!! A perfect way to end my fast haha ;) it was meatballs on rice with this really good sauce over it. I had seconds even! ;) 

I love this work and I love being on a mission! Seeing people's lives get better by living the Gospel and following the commandments really is a huge testimony booster. I love this gospel and I love the Church and how the Church is just a gateway into how to live the Gospel in our lives. 

Thank you for all that you guys do for me! 
Until next time!! 

-Elder Wilson

With all you Californian's complaining about gas prices, 
I just wanted to attach this picture to rub it in your faces ;) hahaha :) 

We went to a family's house and they're a big of a Mac fan as I am!! ;)

Here's a picture of the Jordan River Temple. So pretty!

Elder Troy Davidson from my stake back home!! He's in my district.


Elder Piutau!

This is our district! Sister Osborn, Sister Hermansen, Elder Davidson, Elder Vilayvong (being held by Davidson hahaha), Elder Weier and then there's one really really good lookin' Elder but I forgot his name.

Elder Denny! 

Elder Denny! (Not standing on the curb)

Monday, June 18, 2012

Almost transfers already?!?

These past 6 ish weeks have freaking flown by. I hope I can stay busy enough to be able to have the whole rest of my mission go by just as fast! :) Hey, only 22 more fast sundays left ;)
So we went on exchanges this past week. I went with Elder Vilayvong, he's from San Diego and super legit! Elder Weier my companion has to go on exchanges with everyone in the district (except the sisters of course ha) so he went with Elder Davidson and I went with Elder Vilayvong who is Davidson's companion. Hopefully that all made sense to you! hahaha. Anyways so on wednesday Elder Vilayvong and I got up at 6:00, and rode our bikes to the district building to meet up with the rest of the district. We played basketball as a district and Elder Weier kept freaking cheating!! hahaha. oh well we all got exercise. :) Then we went home, studied, and then left for the day. We OYM'd for a while (open your mouth) which is basically just walking around talking to everyone you see, and seeing if they'll let you talk to them. That went really well. We met David who wants to come back to church, and a bunch of other people. We also got 3 referrals who would be interested in hearing our message. Then we went and paid visits (or tried to haha) to inactives, recent converts, Birdie, and yeah. A lot of them didn't open the door but hopefully they'll open soon! Then we went to kneaders which is a sandwich place, super nice quality and got 20 bucks! Then we went to the post office so I could mail my father's day card, and we got freaking 23 bucks there!! So elder Vilayvong got 20 and I got 20, and we took the 3 dollars and got slushies at the gas station since it was seriously sooooo hot. We got a lot of work done together!

Thursday we had a mission-wide meeting from 2-4:30 where every missionary comes in. Elder M. Russel Ballard came today!! So I took a bunch of notes. It was a really good meeting. He talked about how we need to not be scared to open our mouths, and to talk to everyone we see because we never know what they're going through or if they want to hear our message. Then after he ended talking, he said he didn't have time to shake all of our hands, so he was like "all of you raise your hands", and then we all did an air hand shake thing with him!! hahaha :) After the meeting I met up with Elder Clark and Elder Piutau and we were going to take a picture together for old times, (we couldn't find Elder Denny haha) but Elder Clark's freaking companion was like let's go let's go let's go, so we weren't able to. That might be the last time I'll see those guys if I stay in the new mission and they're in the South mission. :(
anywayss so after that Elder Weier and I got pizza at a place where we get it half off, and then contacted referrals that we had gotten earlier. None of them answered the door, but then we OYM'd candlestick apartments and found an investigator named Kimberly Zepeda.
So on Saturday the Zone Leaders came over to our house for a surprise visit thing and had companion study with us! haha. That went well :) They're really fun to be with and really spiritual too. So after that we ate breakfast, and went out to our lesson appointment with Kimberly. She's a baptist and she believes in a lot of the same true doctrine that we believe, but a little twisted. Like she believes in the priesthood, but she thinks that she holds it. So that was a little hard to explain.. haha :) We also taught Birdie, but she was having kind a mental breakdown so we are going to come back probably tomorrow. (tuesday)
Yesterday (Sunday june 17th) we went to our usual 3 wards which takes soo long haha but it's worth it because when the people we're teaching show up it's such a good feeling! :) Charles and Molen ( I don't actually remember if I have told you about them but they just moved in to Candlestick apartments and want to be taught! They came to church! That was super cool. They're a really nice couple :) But at church, it was Dry Council week (high council hahahahaha) so that was pretty boring. But being with the members make it fun! And we're influencing the little kids there so Elder Weier and I always make sure to sing to set a good example. :) After 2nd ward all the members came up to us after the meeting, and we were trying to talk to our investigators but everyone kepy talking to us so they ended up leaving!! That was frustrating. But it's all good. We payed a visit to the andreason's and Carl was so happy! :) When he saw us at the door he smiled so big and his eyes got big like a little kid it was so cute. they invited us to eat dinner with them so we got a free meal! We are low on food so that was a blessing. :) We met with Sister Johnson (Cruize's mom) and I can tell we really needed to because she was super down looking and when we finished she was really happy. :) Her kids go to their dad's house every other weekend so that messes with her emotions which is completely reasonable. She's such a good mom!! (not as good as you mommy don't worry ;) )

Elder Wilson

 Do you see anything wrong with this picture? hahahaha :)

Elder Weier got a wart!! Freaking gross. But it's all healed now :)


We have a pet cat!! We named him Tiger.

Here's our room! I really like my bed ;)

We have a living room! :)

Our kitchen! It's a little small but hey it works!

Here's the entrance to our shower haha - We have to shimmy in sideways to get to it.

 This is how narrow it is! hahahaha :)

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

We're movin' out!

Today was the day we moved out of the Andreason's. :( I'm gonna miss those guys! Carl was about to cry it looked like. It was sad. But we moved into Sister Sampson's home, don't worry she's very elderly! ;) She's a widow and I guess we're allowed to stay there in the basement but I always thought that would be against the rules. haha. I attached a picture of Elder Weier, Sister and Brother Andreason (Ann and Carl) and I. :)

So every week for this email I get stuff out of my journal that I write in every night, and it's funny because for the longest time I kept saying May instead of June hahaha.

Tuesday we went out to eat as a district after district meeting, and we went to this fancy hamburger place. haha. it was mainly a restaurant but it had burgers salads and stuff not actual restaurant-y food haha. :) But at the end one of the Sisters got up and went to the front and paid for all of us!! It was really nice of her. But the total came out to almost $60! Turns out they had gotten 50 the day before and didn't know what to spend it on so she thought that it would be appropriate to spend it there. So that was cool. haha :)

Brother Andreason's bike that I was riding (it's a speed/road bike with those super skinny tires) went YUP YOU GUESSED IT... flat. haha. so we had to get a ride back to our house, then I fixed my actual bike and now it works! :) haha.

So on Wednesday I prayed all day that we would find someone new to teach. We went out knocking on doors of part member families, and nothing happened. then as we were riding home I had a feeling to stop at this one house. Nothing. haha. So then I was starting to feel a little let down. But then that night at about 8:30, 20 minutes before we were supposed to go home, the bishop of one of the wards here texted us with a referral!! I was so happy. :) then sister Johnson (Cruize's mom) asked us to come and give her a blessing. So at 6 we came over and started playing frisbee with her, cruze, and his two friends for a while. then they were about to go eat, but since we had already eaten we asked if she wanted the blessing then. So we did, and went to the backyard. So I asked who she wanted to give her one and she pointed to Elder Weier. That was pretty cool. It's always really cool to give blessings or at least being a part of them. 

So Thursday I was praying again that we would find a new investigator. And we did!! :) Her name is Laurie Ewell, but she likes to go by Birdie haha. :) She's actually the same person that I gave that blessing to on my first day. We gave her a lesson and gave her a copy of the Book of Mormon for her to read because we were going to come back on Sunday to teach her another lesson. 

On Friday, Elder Weier and I were teaching lessons and things like that, and then he said Let's go get snow cones at that hut down by Elder Vilayvong and Davidson's area (btw Elder Davidson is from our stake!! He's in my district. He's from Rio Linda. Troy Davidson.). So when we got there the worker gave them to us for free since we were missionaries!! :) She asked me what size I wanted so I said surprise me. She gave me an extra large!! Picture it like a big gulp-sized snow cone. hahaha. It was so so so so sooo good though. French vanilla, cream soda flavors, and actual cream (that made it thick and taste ohh soo good.) Then we did mormon.org time and then we had to go do baptism interviews so we went there. There were FIVE of them! It took an hour and 45 minutes. And they all spoke spanish so of course I couldn't understand any of it. haha. I just sat there on the couch. Then Elder Weier and I went to B and D burgers and I got a "Big Barney"!! :) 

So we got a referral from the Sisters in our district to teach some people who had recently moved in. We went to their door and they were busy moving in, so we asked if we could come back another time and they said 1:00 tomorrow (Sunday). so we said alright cool! And we invited them to church at 9am the next morning. Elder Weier was like they won't come. But then I said have faith Elder!! 

Sunday: we had a meeting at 8am so we went to that, then to ward council for the 1st ward. TURNS OUT THAT THE PEOPLE WE INVITED SHOWED UP FOR SACRAMENT MEETING!!! :) :) But we were in freaking ward council so we didn't get to see them or sit by them. :( then we went to go see "Birdie" for the appointment we had set up, but she asked us to come by next Wednesday at 11am instead. So we walked all the way home, got a phone call telling us to come by Saturday at 11am instead! Then another asking if we were still at candlestick but we weren't. Turns out she was awake enough to be able to have a lesson now. haha. So we got there, and we didn't have another male with us because it was so last minute, so we had it on the stairs leading to her apartment haha. she kept complaining that she was cold but the lesson went well. Then we went to Charles and Murrey's house (the people we invited to church) to apologize for not being there in sacrament meeting. 

Prayer really really works everyone. If you're reading this and you don't think God will answer your prayers, then it's your fault. Because He will ALWAYS answer them. You just have to have the faith that He will, and try and be able to recognize His answers to them in your live better. I promise that :)

I'll send you guys a picture of the new pad next week! We still have to go home and set it up and everything. Plus I'm out of time haha. :) I love you so much and I'm thinking about all of you all the time! :) 
Shoutout to Natalie, Kelsey, John and Kyle!!

Elder Wilson.

A page in my journal with me getting frustrated about the dates hahaha :)

 I looked up randomly and saw a rainbow around the sun!! It was super super cool.

The gang!! haha. I'm going to miss the Andreason's. :(

Brother Sharp dressed up for sunday school for a lesson about not judging others!! hahaha.

Monday, June 4, 2012

It's getting HOT!

So last P-Day, after we emailed, we went to Walmart and got only a few things since we were out of money (the mission gives us 120 per month but since I got here in the middle of a month I only got 60) so we were gonna use our actual money. So I got bread, and milk, and was going to get some more things but then this old man came up to us and was like Elders! Are you almost done shopping? So I said yeah almost.. why? He said well when you're done let me pay for you guys! So naturally Elder Weier and I looked at each other and were like let's get more groceries!! hahahha. ;) I guess that happens a lot here so that's pretty freaking sweet. The Lord really looks out for His servants!! ;)

So Monday (may 28th) we had dinner with the Sharps, and they are seriously theeee coolest family ever. We had ribs without the bones (my favorite!) Then a really rich but super good chocolate brownie cake. Then we talked for a while and had an FHE lesson about how Mormon was all alone and had to write his testimony and stuff. It got a little emotional but in a really good way. The Spirit was really strong.

Thursday was super crappy for me. haha. We had Zone conference, which is basically a meeting with all the missionaries in the zone from 9 in the morning until about 3:30 pm with a lunch break in the middle. agh! But I woke up thursday morning like a train hit me. my head was so pressured haha. and my nose kept running. So the whole meeting my nose was killing me haha. It kept running and its not like I could just go blow it! We were in meetings alll day it seemed like. I had about a mile of toilet paper (which felt like sandpaper because the church buys the cheapest possible toilet paper hahahaha) in my coat pocket that I would always take out and rip a piece off of haha.

So dinner thursday night we went to a member's house for dinner and he was a completely active member and a seminary teacher and everything, then all of a sudden he came home and was like I don't know if any of this is true anymore. I don't believe any of it. :O

So Elder Weier and I were going into that dinner thinking that it was going to be really awkward but it ended up being really good! :) And tasty too! ;)

We helped Brother Andreason (Carl) mow his lawns (he lives on a really big property of like two properties combined because he bought the house behind him and took down the fence between them hahaha :) ) He's fixing it up because its falling apart (the house). He already has someone interested in buying it! Or at least renting it out haha :)

Brianna Rowley! She had her baptism Saturday. She's 9 and really cool. Her older sister Sarah has already gotten baptized, and actually Elder Weier has been here so long that he actually baptized her! haha. I think in November last year. So now Brianna wanted to get baptized. I gave the Holy Ghost talk again, which was my choice because frankly I think it's easier. I related the Holy Ghost to a friend to her. Like I talked about acquaintances, friends, good friends, best friends, then the HG as our best friend. She seemed to like it a lot. Then afterwards the stake president gave us 20 bucks! He asked if we had a lunch appointment and we said no so he gave us some money. That seems to happen a lot here, random members giving us money. Not that I'm complaining!! It's just a lot different than at home haha. I feel really bad taking it and would rather they not randomly give us money, but I feel bad saying no too. It's just a weird situation haha.

We taught a couple named Chris and Katrina, and they took in the Plan of Salvation pretty well. Chris was a little skeptical, but hopefully he'll come around. :) This work is exciting! The spirit was really strong in that lesson.

IT IS SO HOT. 95 degrees! And we live in, let me remind you, THE ATTIC. ah!! Elder Weier and I (yes, I Dad!! ;) ) are soo sweaty up in the attic. we turn on the huge suction fan thing so that helps out a little, at least there's a breeze going through there. More like a wind tunnel actually hahahaha. It's super loud. Sunday was fast Sunday, and so I fasted that I'd be able to feel the Spirit really strongly (along with some other things) and I did!! :) I felt the spirit really strongly. I bore my testimony in the 1st ward, but I felt bad because Elder Weier got a phone call and so he went out to the lobby to take it and I said my testimony while he was out and didn't realize to tell him I did so he found out after the meeting when people thanked me for my testimony! haha. He's like "You made me look bad man!!" hahahaha :) (him not going up after I did). Anyways for dinner that night we went to a member's house but there's 3 siblings that all live right next door to each other so they blew down all the fences and made a hugeeeeee backyard! Basketball court, swimming pool, jungle gym, a shade structure (where we all ate- the 3 families and us), and it even had a mini creek going down through the middle with a cute little bridge! Dad would be jealous hahahaha. ;)

So you know how I got that bike from the pawn shop?? Well don't worry it's still a really good bike but my tire went flat the other day. haha. all of a sudden we were riding and I heard a PSSSSHHHHHHHHHHHH sound but I thought I ran over a snake so I started peddling faster! hahahaha. I got slower and slower but then I looked down and my tire was going flat. haha. sad. So Carl has a bike tire that I'm going to be able to use. :)

So I'm sorry that I still didn't send any pictures of the attic! Or Elder Weier hahaha. I'll try and send some later today if I can, if not then next week for sure! Btw we might be moving to another house because the Andreason's only volunteered to house the missionaries for a year and it's been a month or two past that. The address to send stuff to will still be the same though since it's the mission office.

Brianna Rowley's baptism! She's on the left with her mom and older sister Sarah

The lantern!

This is the huge fan that I was talking about! It sucks all the air through the whole place and pulls the air from the outside in so it's like a huge wind tunnel in there when it's on hahaha. 

Our hallway! Pretty small.

My study table, complete with journal! :)