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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Elder Reed

Elder Reed is here and ready to go! He and I are working really hard and getting a lot of success out of it. So far, we've doubled the amount of people that are on date for baptism in the zone! So that's exciting. Hopefully it keeps on going. I think it will though, because there are a lot of potentials that the zone has to be able to be invited for baptism. :)

Scott Hodges and his family took me and Elder Reed out for lunch! That was a lot of fun. We were catching up since it's been a while. They're doing really well. It was fun to see how well their family is doing! Elder Reed thought they were pretty cool too. We'll have to do it again sometime. 

Elder Reed is getting to know the area really fast which is good. He knows a lot of the members, and almost all of the streets now. It's been so incredibly hot this last week! But it also rained (thank you Utah) so that cooled things off a little bit. We went through the area book to find people in it since Elder Ahrens was losing the faith to find pretty quickly after being there for about 6 months. We met a ton of potentials, and set up times with them. This work is so exciting! This is the salvation of people's lives we're talking about!! We met with Chris and Nestor's mom. They're still improving.

We had interviews with President Moffat last week which went really well. That meeting was full of inspiration! The Assistants came up with a plan to help out the mission. When we sacrifice, the Lord blesses us. So they brought in a porch barbecue thing and had us all write down something we would sacrifice so that we could have the Lord bless us with success. What we noticed, and the Assistants noticed, was that every single one of them could be traced back to having a lack of focus. so that was very beneficial to find out what we could be doing better as a mission. We met with Britannia, but we found out that she moved to West Valley. So we sadly had to hand her over to some other missionaries in that area. Hopefully she will still get baptized!

Chris is doing very well. He is a little bit hard to teach sometimes because it's hard for him to focus on things for very long sometimes, but he is progressing very well. Right now we're shooting for the 17th of August so hopefully that will go well. As for Nestor, we're shooting for the 24th of August. His mom keeps pushing the date back it's frustrating. But we talked with her and helped her to realize that he really can be ready in just a few weeks. So she agreed to the 24th. They both made it out to church this weekend which was awesome. So keep praying for them! Satan is trying really hard to get us to fail but I know that we'll make it through!

Hope all is well, I love you.
Elder Wilson

I got a surprise visit!

This is Elder Reed and I! My camera has a sketch feature, so I was trying it out on this picture.

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