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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Best Feeling Ever: Serving a Mission.

To start off, sorry it's so late! We ran out of time earlier for me to do the family email, and I convinced my companion to let us come back to finish up before P-day ends at 6. ;) 

So this week was pretty hot but it wasn't too bad. I guess July was a record setting high for Utah! I can believe that, haha. This week I went on exchanges with Elder Dean while Elder Reed went to Elder Haught's area. It was pretty fun, we got a lot of work done. He's a good missionary. He knows the things we need to do as missionaries to bring success. We taught Stefanie, a recent convert, the rat trap lesson. The rat trap lesson is where we smash a pencil in the trap, then have them look up a bunch of scriptures on faith and while they're doing that I unhook the springs. Then ask them to touch the trigger to demonstrate their faith. (it looks like it's set) She touched the trigger 3 times and each time it didn't go off! Talk about faith, haha. Eventually it popped, and since the springs were off it didn't hurt her. 

As a mission we went to the Salt Lake City Temple!! I didn't want to talk about it too much in the past emails in case any of you wanted to sneak a visit in! But it was a really cool experience. We had lunch at 12, and then we were able to walk around the temple square and do whatever until the session at 2. So us and a few other missionaries went on top of the roof of the conference center. That was very pretty up there. You can see forever! Then we went and did the session as a mission. I love the feeling I get when I'm in the temple. Unlike anything else I can describe!

We've been meeting with a less active guy named Shawn. He's a really cool guy and has a strong testimony but for some reason he just won't come out to church. Elder Reed and I can't figure out what's bothering him. Maybe someone offended him? We don't really know. But like I said he's a really strong member- just doesn't come out to church.

So we also went on exchanges with the assistants. Elder Davidson came here with me. He's grown a lot since I was with him, but he's still the same guy which is super nice. We taught Mene the restoration, and it was a super powerful lesson. The spirit was there so strongly. We invited him to be baptized, and I think he said "yes, absolutely!" without realizing what he just agreed to because he then said no later on. Ugh it's so frustrating sometimes seeing people touched by the spirit and knowing that it's true, and then walking away from it or fall back into their old lives again. :/ They don't know what they're missing!! 

Nestor is still doing well. We're going by tonight to teach him. He's on date for the 24th of August which is looking good. The mom is still on board and is really supportive now which is really nice. He's an awesome kid. He wants to be baptized, he has a huge heart, and is just an overall good kid. Too bad his brothers aren't the same way all the time. Elder Davidson said he was pretty nervous to OYM (Open Your Mouth-- talking with people on the street). So I wanted to help him with that because I like OYMing people! You never know who you're going to get! haha. We taught a guy named Nolan Peacock too. He's a really humble guy and is pretty open to the Book Of Mormon and the LDS religion in general. He said he was about to join in California, but then moved out here and he never ended up joining. We taught him the restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ and about the Book of Mormon. He accepted the Book of Mormon and said he really wanted to read it. So he looks promising. I'll let you know! 

Sundays are so stressful as a missionary. I know I probably say this like every week but it's so true. We were going to go by Nolan to teach him again, but as we got there he was just leaving his apartment to go somewhere. So unfortunately we had to move the appointment til yesterday, but then he ended up canceling again haha. Interviews for 3 people were supposed to happen at 11:30am, then they got pushed til 12 noon, but then the mom said she was going to be downtown in salt lake city until 4!! Church starts at 1 and they need to be interviewed before it starts. We were fasting today, and we prayed for a miracle. And it worked! President Moffat ok'd them to be interviewed after church as long as the ward knows about it. (That NEVER happens, usually he just says to push them back a week). We said a thank-you prayer afterwards which I usually don't do to be honest. I want to be better at that for sure though. I think that He will bless me more when I say thank you after He answers a prayer of mine. 

Yesterday was pretty crazy! For one, the Sharp family took us out to lunch which was awesome. I attached a picture of us with the kids. It's been a pretty long time since I saw them but it's cool to see they're still doing good. They're going to New Zealand for Christmas! That will be pretty cool. But we also saw a really bad car accident! Apparently a car took a left turn too fast and skidded out, hitting the curb which made it fly into the air and when it landed on it's front left bumper it did cartwheels until it landed upside down. Then it rolled forward off a 4 foot edge. So the driver was upside down, and the steering wheel was up against the concrete edge. I can't believe he lived. He must have been living right!! I'm attaching the picture of it. I wish I could send you the video I got!!

Anyways, this week went pretty well. I know the work I am doing is the Lord's work. He wouldn't be blessing me and blessing the lives of those I love if it weren't. I love you guys!

Elder Wilson.
 We went to the temple as a mission! 
We had a little down time and so we went up to the top of the conference center and took a picture. 
Left to right it's Elders: Lima, me, Martell, Reed, Conley, Mintey, Fussell, and Middleton. 

The Salt Lake City Temple

A pretty cool shot on top of the conference center

The Sharps took us out to lunch!

The crazy crash. I wish I could send you the video I have of it!!

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