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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

This week was AWESOME! So many miracles happened. Pretty amazing.

It's crazy that one year ago I was walking into those MTC doors not knowing what I was getting into! haha. I'm really glad that I went though. I wouldn't have been able to have met so many amazing people! Including missionaries. Some definite long time friends have been made out here. 

We went to temple square with Jesse and Quana. I included a picture of it. They really loved it! Especially Jesse  He felt the Spirit big time. And he accepted baptism for May 11th! We told him that it means that he has to be following the Word of Wisdom for at least 2 weeks, and he accepted it. He knows he needs to get off of the addictions he has. So that was cool. 

Travis, one of our investigators, got handed over to the YSA Elders because he's in the agegroup of 18-30. But I let him go knowing the Lord would provide us with new people to teach. AND HE DID! :) We picked up Quana and Jesse's kid Roy. He beforehand wasn't interested in learning about the Church or the Gospel, but after we went to a baptism to show Quana what it was like, Roy really wanted to. So he's now on date for May 18th. He's really excited! 

The weather is so nice. It's PERFECT in the mornings and nights, and a little hot in the afternoon to be in church clothes. Oh weird tangent, have any of you tried the bacon milkshake at Denny's? If not, you're not missing much. Bacon is amazing but the shake had a whole thing of maple syrup in it which made it super rich. Anyways, we met with Courtney and we're planning on going to Temple Square with her this Friday. Quana and Courtney both had their interviews for baptism and they're both good to go for this Saturday! It was announced in Church as well which is awesome. 

Speaking of Church, I ran into someone I definitely was not planning on meeting! Olga, one of Sydnee's friends from college! I was standing there talking to some people after Church and she came up to me! It was pretty cool. We took a picture together. I don't have it so hopefully it will make it up here on the blog. 

Cody sadly fell off date because he didn't come to Church, but it's okay. We'll get him on date for the 25th of May. He still really wants to be baptized so that's good. He's really progressing well though and fits in with the kids in the ward. When he went to mutual he had a fun time!

The talks in Sacrament meeting on Sunday were really good. It was Brother Sharp and his new wife Hannah Sharp. Apparently he is related to the Sharps in my first area! He has a Sharp Yard t-shirt which made me wonder if he was or not. But yeah. They're a really cool couple that got married a little less than a year ago.

Oh yeah, transfers! haha. I'm staying here, Elder Turner is leaving. I'm getting Elder Franco. I heard he's pretty quiet so I might have to get him out of his shell! This should be fun. He's been out about 3 transfers I think.

Love ya!
Elder Wilson

 This is one of the Senior couples! He came over to inspect our apartment for cleanliness 
(don't worry mom, we passed). 

 We went to temple square with Quana and Jesse!

Elder Turner and I! Sadly he has to leave. He and I got along pretty dang well! 

 I ran into someone I definitely was not planning on meeting! 
Olga, one of Sydnee's friends from college! 

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