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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

iHappy Siete de May!

This week was awesome!! SO MANY good things are happening in our area. Courtney and Quana both got baptized Saturday, and this weekend we have Jesse Delgado, next week it's Roy Oldcraine and Kodie Hoerster, then on the 25th we have David Green and Said Huante!! So awesome. :)

Elder Franco and I are getting along really well. He is from Southern California, right next to Disneyland. His sister works there so he gets free tickets! Pretty awesome. He's a good missionary. I've been so lucky with companions. The Lord really is a merciful God! ;)

We took Courtney to Temple Square to do a tour of the grounds there. She really enjoyed it! She knew a ton already. Joseph Smith, the Book of Mormon, Jesus Christ, everything. It was pretty cool. She got baptized on Saturday! Satan was trying really hard to get them both to not happen, but God will prevail! First Courtney's dad was pretty angry the morning of the baptism and we were afraid that he wouldn't let her get baptized. But he cooled off enough to come to it. But when we got there, there were some Tongans already there, setting up for a baptism they were having. At the exact same time as Courtney's. Turns out they didn't even bother to look at the schedule for the building. Freaking annoying. It worked out though, they had theirs in the Relief Society room while we did it in the baptismal room then moved to the chapel after the actual baptism happened. The rest of it went really well though, so that was good.
She got confirmed Sunday and asked me to do it. That was really awesome. I had no idea what I was going to say beforehand so I said a prayer. Then right as I started all of a sudden words just kept flowing out of my mouth. And it felt like someone's hands were on my shoulders! It's hard to describe in words but it was such an amazing feeling. This work that I'm a part of is 100% true. :) How else could that happen??

Quana Delgado's baptism went a lot smoother. No hiccups! Well actually there was one. Brother Cook used the jumpsuit that we were planning on using for Quana's baptism. So we had to hurry back and throw it into the washer/dryer before hers started. Barely got it back in time! She felt really good, too. :) She asked me to baptize her which was really amazing. Her brother in law, David Green who we picked up later on came to her baptism. He is pretty crazy but he's cool. haha. He is just really paranoid about a lot of things. But he is really wanting to follow the Savior's example and that means getting baptized. :) The Delgado's had us over for dinner Saturday night which was really awesome. They're an amazing family. 

Sunday a member came up to us and said that his friend Said (haha funny that I just said that word in this sentence. Now three times. ;) ) ANYWAYS. He came up to us and asked if we were free at 2. We were, so when we met up at Max's house Said was just pulling up. (It's pronounced "sigh-eed" by the way). he is a really cool guy. He's 14, and wants to learn more about the Church. He was raised Catholic and has a lot of questions that he said weren't able to be answered by the people at his church. So he asked us, and we could. That was definitely with the Spirit though. He's the true teacher. :) So we invited him to be baptized after we had taught him about how the Church was restored and he accepted. :) 

The Lord is working so many miracles in my life right now! For instance, at the baptism on Saturday, I accidentally baptized our cell phone. hahaha. It was in my pocket as I walked into the font and I didn't realize it until I walked back into the back to change out of the wet clothes and I felt a lump in my pocket. Pulled it out, and it was a blank white screen. AH! So I took out the battery and dried it out as best as I could. Then after the baptism was all over Elder Franco and I prayed that we could get a miracle of the phone working again. After the prayer we put the battery in, turned it on, and it worked perfectly! So amazing. Something as little as that He still cares about! :)

I love you, I love this Gospel, I love God.
Elder Wilson

 The District! From left to right: Elder Beesley, Elder Carey, Elder Franco, Sister Beesley, Elder Chandler, Elder Chiavordini (shev-er-dee-nee), Elder Torres, Elder Durfee, Elder Wilson, Elder Ross, Sister Neil, Elder Neil. The zone leaders are also in the district but they weren't here when we took this!

 Courtney's baptism! 

Quana's baptism! That's Jesse is on the right.

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