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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

General Conference!!!

So because of some last minute changes in the mission, I had to be moved to the Midvale North stake. I'm now with Elder Turner and Elder Dean stayed there with Elder Hodge. So my new address is:

Elder Bryce Wilson
7546 Parkway Drive
Midvale, UT 84047

So Elder Turner is 19, from a small town in Indiana. I think I'm gonna like him. From just being together for a short time we have been getting along pretty well. We went out to visit some former investigators that they had, and some of the potentials that they had picked up the other day. We met a guy named Success! HOW LEGIT IS THAT. He ironically also happens to be successful in his career! ;)

This week was awesome!!! We went to General Conference with Jasmine. She loved it. Heck, I loved it!! It felt like every single talk was directed towards me personally. It's so cool when the Spirit works through you like that. When they were saying things and looking straight at the camera it felt like they were just talking to me. Then for other talks that were given, it was as if they were specifically towards the people we were teaching. Super cool. I hope all of you back home watched it and I REALLY hope that it had an impact on you too! If not, GO WATCH IT RIGHT NOW. haha.

Wednesday District meeting I wanted to switch things up a little bit and so I asked the two sister companionships in the district to prepare a 5 minute lesson teaching something. Because I know I probably wouldn't want to hear someone just talking for an hour. But that went well. The Spanish sisters had a random transfer in the middle of the transfer (it seems to be happening a lot lately) and so they didn't have time to prepare. So I just asked them to bear their testimony on the principle they were supposed to talk about and that actually went pretty well. (And lasted the 5 minutes anyways). Then the English sisters were on the ball, as usual.The AP's stopped by and said that it was a really good district meeting and gave me some constructive feedback to help me improve in the future.

We went to Temple Square with Jasmine on Friday. That was really cool! We also brought some kids from the same apartment complex. Two are already baptized but the other one started to show some interest. She had some questions beforehand, and they were answered in the tour. She and all the other kids were crying during one of the movies we watched which was pretty awesome.

Apparently I sleep walk!! We were on exchanges, and Elder Wilde said that in the middle of the night I got up out of bed and walked over to the closet door, and ran into it. hahaha! Then he asked me what I was doing and apparently I just stood there for a minute and then jumped back into bed. I don't remember a thing. hahaha. I knew I talked in my sleep but I didn't ever think myself to be a sleep walker too!

Well I hope all's well back home. I love you!
Elder Wilson

Jasmine, Andrew, Elder Dean and I at conference. This time we were in the very front right!

A cool shot of the Salt Lake Temple. 

Elder Turner! Sorry this is the best I could get for now. hahahaha. He was hiding from the camera.

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