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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

April Fools!

So I was trying to figure out a fun April Fools joke to pull, but I couldn't think of any! Disappointing.
Anyways, General Conference is coming up, and Elder Dean and I got tickets to go to the Saturday morning session of it, so we're going to go with Jasmine. That should be fun! I'll include pictures next week.

Oh wait did I not tell you? Yeah, Jasmine didn't end up going to California after all. We were riding down the street one day and out of the corner of my eye I saw a girl walking down the other side in a blue hoodie, and I looked and it looked a lot like Jasmine! So later on after the appointments we had that day we went by and turns out it really was her and that she didn't end up leaving. Yeahh buddy!! So she's on date for April 20th. She's pretty excited.

Also, Heather is still on track for baptism on the 13th. She's really excited! She has been feeling a lot better lately so that's good. We gave her another blessing on Sunday.

So a lot of funny things happened this week! 
1) First off, we were riding down the street coming home from the day, and Elder Dean was right behind me so I kept going down the street to our house. When I got there I opened the garage, and waited about 30 seconds. No companion. So I went back down the street looking for him and he was walking his bike haha. Turns out his back axle randomly snapped! And no, he hasn't gone off any sweet jumps.

2) Our dryer for our clothes is ridiculous. The dial we have to twist to turn it on broke off so there was just a little stub that we had to twist with pliers. I was trying to turn it on last week and it randomly popped off and fell into the dryer!! So we opened the back up (after we unplugged it) and unhooked a few wires then pushed them back through the hole so now to start the dryer we have to hot wire it by touching the two wires together!! hahahaha.

3) We got a random Easter egg basket dropped off on our porch by an UNKNOWN person(s) and there were two water guns in it. So when Elder Dean was in the bathroom I turned off all the lights and sat there waiting to ambush him. When he opened the door and saw that it was pitch black he was like oh this doesn't look good. Then we had a pretty intense water gun fight. Hey, gotta enjoy the little things!

4) We were trying to find new people to teach, and so we went down a street that I've never been to before. Pearl Circle. But it turned out that the whole street was totally anti!! hahaha. There was this one house that when he opened the door, he started yelling at us and was like "Joseph Smith was a LIAR!! He made up the entire Book of Mormon!! There's no factual evidence that the Book of Mormon is even true!!" hahaha. I was really trying hard not to laugh at him. It was pretty funny. I looked at Elder Dean and he was biting his lip too hahaha.

Ugh the Internet stopped working so we've been sitting here for about 20 minutes now waiting for it to start working again. I can still type but we can't send anything it's so annoying! Right now I'm just typing, and there's a little homie sitting next to me. He's probably about 10 but he's getting frustrated about the Internet not working either haha. Turns out he's from California too! Stockton even. Small world.

We got Sister Watson to church, though! We spent about an hour helping her up the stairs and then another hour getting her down them afterwards. It's really painful for her so it's hard to watch her struggle but I'm really glad she has such a strong desire to go to church. It was the Easter program at church this week so it was pretty awesome. A lot of singing. She said she loved it so that made it worth it for us to help her like that.

We finally got to another place where the Internet works, so I can send this now!

Elder Wilson

 Mom! Dad! I found us a house!

 These kids wanted to do a photoshoot with the missionaries. 
The one in front is Paris, the one who got baptized a while ago!

Natural beauty.

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