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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Anything Can Happen!

Do you believe in miracles? I do, for sure. Last week was pretty long and slow, so I prayed for miracles. And the Lord definitely listens to prayers! When we were walking in an apartment complex that we cover, we saw Heather and her daughters getting out of their car. It was awesome! We were trying to get a chance to even see her outside because we weren't able to get a hold of her by phone or the door. So we went up and talked to her! After we talked for a while, we asked her if she wanted to get a blessing sometime soon to help with the sickness. She said definitely yes, and so when we went back there we invited her to be baptized again and she agreed to April 13th! She doesn't want to have a big one like her daughters, she wants it to be smaller. So that's good. Sister Watson will also be [hopefully] baptized soon. We're going to shoot for the 13th of April as well.
There's a ton happening on the 13th! A boy we were teaching in my first area is finally getting baptized then. He has been wanting his grandpa to baptize him and he lives in Alaska and owns his own business, so he doesn't get a chance to come down here very often. That will be cool to see that! His name is Cruize Johnson, but I always want to call him Crush Johnson for some reason haha. It just seems like that would fit him well I guess.
The weather here has been crazy bipolar. It was hot one day, enough to sweat while wearing a jacket, and the next day it was FREEZING with a blizzard going on. It makes it hard to know what to wear when we don't have access to the weather forecast. So usually we're caught up in whatever mother nature throws our way. I asked Elder Dean if he were cold or not, and he said me? nope! He's lived in Ohio for a while so that makes sense I guess.
We wanted to surprise the Watsons, so last P-day Elder Dean and I went over there in shorts, tshirts, hats, and shades! If I got a picture of his face when he saw us I would definitely send it home. It was priceless. hahahaha. And before anyone freaks out and tries to pretend that they're a mission president... yes it was still P-day hours, so, we weren't breaking any rules! He said he almost didn't let us in because we looked like complete strangers. I forget how different we look not in a suit and tie.
Another awesome thing happened yesterday. We got a referral to visit someone, and so we went there. It was a long bike ride but it was well worth it! Turns out he's a really nice guy and was wanting to hear more about the gospel! He was really nice to us. He wanted to have us over, and so we set up a time on Thursday to visit with him. We're going to invite him to be baptized on April 20th! Wish us luck.
Just now a lady walked up to us and asked us where we're from, and then if it were Pday and we were emailing. We said yes, and so she told us to tell our families hi for her. So, hi.
It seems like Spring isn't going to happen! I feel like it will just go straight from Winter to Summer. What about you? General conference is coming up in a few weeks so that means that we will be able to take off the suit coats soon. I'm excited for that. And not just that we'll be able to take off our coats but I'm just excited for General Conference in general! It's fun to pray about a question we've been having and then to get the answer in one of the talks that are given. Pretty cool. I don't know if I'll be able to go to it again, but I hope I will be able to! Last time it was an awesome experience. And Sydnee said she wouldn't try and look for me again. haha. Doesn't mean I won't try to! Just kidding, honest!
Well I hope everything's going well back home. :) 
love ya!
Elder Wilson.

 Elder Dean and I took a picture with the Easter Bunny!

 If you don't have any haters, you're not doing it right.

This is something I expected to see in Ghettolope! Not Midvale!! hahaha.

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