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Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Hey hey heeyyyyyy! :) SO I forgot to write this up beforehand, so I'm writing this right now. I hope it isn't too jumbled! This week was super cool! actually not really, it got extremely hot this week. But after talking to the natives up here they say that that's pretty normal for it to get cold, then a week of it being hot, then it gets cold again and stays that way for the rest of the winter. yay! :)

So Chaz Peck isn't going to be progressing anymore, or at least not for a while. I think his parents put the kibosh on it again which stinks, but hopefully he will continue to progress later on. But we asked him who he knew that might be interested in hearing from us, and he said that his friend Ty Hull might be interested. So that was cool! We stopped by there and have taught him a few times. He's a good kid.

We had too many appointments again this week, so we went on splits with Elder Tuiketei and Elder Shreeve to teach Mikayla and Alonso. They live right next door to each other hahahha so it was funny we were both standing on the doorstep knocking on the door haha. But Mikayla wasn't home, so they went out and tracted the area and Elder Tuiketei and I went in and taught Alonso. He is awesome! He accepted baptism for the 24th of November. :) He is a really really good kid about 16 and has had a lot of troubles in his life. So he's pretty mature for his age and knows what's good and what's not so good for him. He's pretty interested in religion as well.

Lloyd wants to come with us tracting!! haha that's so freaking AWESOME. And he is about to get his patriarchal blessing too! That's so freaking awesome. He's going to be a general authority someday I know it haha. I love Lloyd!

Speaking of General Authority, there was a General Authority that came to our mission this week on Wednesday. He's over the missionaries in the Church! Under Elder Holland. It's crazy.He talked about missionary work and how to find new people :) He told us that we should ask recent converts, less actives, and part member families. I agree with him, because those are the families that will know the most non-members. The confrence lasted for about 6 1/2 hours! Closer to 7, actually. 

I went on exchanges with Elder Tuiketei and I had Elder Shreeve come here and be with Elder Bass so they can have a "Green day" hahahaha. (Two greenies together. They've only been out 2 weeks! hahahaha.) IT SNOWED!! Elder Tuiketei was so excited because he's from Florida so he has never really seen snow before. Correction, he HASN'T seen snow before. He had me take pictures of him holding a snow ball and I was a part of his first snowball fight! haha :) The weather here is so ridiculously weird. It snowed, then got really hot, then windy, then snowed on and off throughout the day! The weather is so bi-polar here it's weird. 

We put in a new sidewalk for the Simpsons! That was cool. We poured the cement, and then we smoothed it out and put the brush over it so it has texture and it's not as slippery in the winter. I carved my name into the side of the sidewalk ;) A couple of the wards here had halloween parties which we went to. Those are always really fun. We saw some of the people we were teaching there, too! :) 

It's really good to hear from you all! 
Love, Elder Wilson!

So many cool connections with this family! The dad looks exactly like the guy from King of Queens in real life but older. Kevin James. Their daughter is Janet Ralph, and their other daughter's son dated Kiera Davis until he left on his mission! Pretty cool.

It snowed!! :D

These were freaking gross! Peanut butter bars with a pretzel in the middle of it for the bone and an almond for the fingernail!

Aren't we so cute??

Elder Bass and I came home to find that some of his family friends had decorated our door!

...we made bunk beds. :)

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