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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Elder Bass is in tha HOUSE!

I'm in love with this weather. It's cold and raining and purely amazing!

Bloomfield is gone! That's kinda sad I think I'm gonna miss him. He went to Murray and is with someone from the same district as he was in the MTC. 
So I went to the mission office to meet the other trainers in the mission, and most importantly my trainee! :) His name is Elder Bass (pronounced like the fish) and he's from a little town in Oklahoma. He's a little guy! haha. He goes up to about my shoulder. :) I found out that his stake president used to be David A. Bednar! That's pretty cool. But he's a great missionary. He was really excited to go out and start working! During the training meeting we were in, he leaned over to me and asked "so what's the plan for today??" haha. He plays the piano I guess, so that's cool. :) When we teach, he's pretty bold (especially for a brand new missionary!) which is really good. Obviously he's not super comfortable with the lessons yet so I'm still doing most of the teaching, but he jumps in every once in a while with some good insights. 

We taught Oscar again finally, after him giving us the run around for a while. I purposely didn't tell Elder Bass anything too specific about him just so he wouldn't profile him and get a biased view. He did really well though, he talked a lot. That was the first thing we did when he got in the field too! He dropped off his bags, and we went and taught Oscar. :) Anyways, Oscar finally read a scripture! But when we were going over to his house to pick him up for church, he was sleeping. So we woke him up, and then he said he didn't want to go to church. Or read the Book of Mormon. or pray. So we told him that we are only here to invite, and that we can't force anyone to do anything. And when he changes his mind to let us know. So that's the situation with Oscar sadly. :/

District meeting went really well this week too. The zone leaders were there, but they said that they were going to leave because "you have some other visitors coming". President Moffat and Sister Moffat came!! That was pretty crazy. But it went really well. President Moffat had to leave early to go do an interview for someone, and so Sister Moffat stayed for the rest of the meeting. Sister Moffat didn't have anything to say that I could improve on! :) I asked her but she just kept saying things I did well. 
We had district lunch, to get to know each other. I love my district! :) Elder Bass didn't know how to do the Rubik's cube so I taught him and he picked it up pretty fast.

So, since Elder Bass is fresh from the MTC, I had to pull a prank on him! ;) I went to the Warnicks with him. As we were riding up towards their house, he asked me what we were doing next, so I said hey let's tract this street. Then we "started" at their house. I rang the doorbell, and the light came on but nobody answered the door for about a minute. Then all of a sudden Brother Warnick slammed open the door, holding a gun and yelled "I thought I TOLD you to never.." and right then I took off running and left Elder Bass standing on the porch! hahahaha :) I guess he stood there in astonishment and then started to say "I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry" and then ran away after me hahaha :) When he got to me he said was that for real?? Then I just busted up laughing and said no Elder, it's okay it was all just a joke! Then we walked back up to the house and he was outside. Then Brother Warnick said" Haha hey, I'm Jake Warnick. Sorry about that!" Then he gave Elder Bass some pie to calm him down. He said he was pretty scared. :) 

Lloyd is the man! He got interviewed for his baptism on Saturday. Elder Reid was excited to see him, haha :) Lloyd wanted to have some of the pamphlets that we gave him so that he could teach someone in jail! Isn't that freaking legit?? Our investigator is being a missionary! :) He is getting baptized this Saturday, October 20th. He's super pumped to do it, and he asked me to baptize him! :) 

I also interviewed two of the people that the Sisters were teaching, John and Gordan. They seemed like they knew their stuff pretty well. It's so exciting seeing people getting ready for baptism! They seem so happy :)

So we were on our way to teach a family yesterday, and right as we were about to go inside, Mikayla walked up behind us and said "I saw you guys and wanted to say hi!" So I told her that we were about to go teach this family (they live on her street) and if she wanted to come in with us. She wanted to and so we taught her and the family the restoration of the gospel and the Spirit was really strong. :) I could tell Mikayla felt it. She took a copy of the Book of Mormon and promised to read it and pray to know if it's true! :) That was super exciting. :)

We have a few potential investigators that we found this week. Orlando we found when we were riding down the street, and he was working on his car trying to fix his alternator so we helped him out and he was really appreciative of us. He said we could come by and meet his family. :) There's another guy named Frankie who is just waiting to get baptized he said. He said he knows everything is true which is super super awesome! And a few others so hopefully they turn out. :)

I think Elder Bass and I are going to get along pretty well. :) How are things back home? Hopefully going well! 
I love all of you! :)
-Elder Wilson

Don't we have a Dyer Lane? Isn't it haunted??

We tracted into the Grinch!! hahaha. :)

Yes, we did end up knocking on this door. :)

I saw Elder Clark at the local bike shop!!! :) I have no idea how...

Elder Bass and I

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