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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

October Already?

So this week I'm going to change things up a bit on the way I email home. I'm going to talk about people and how they're progressing (or not progressing) and things I've felt or thought about this week and the miracles that have happened. So let me know what you think about it.
Lloyd! He is definitely our most solid person we're meeting with. We found him last week but he is doing really really well. He is already reading the Book of Mormon, praying, coming to church, everything! He even asked us if he can go to General Conference. :) He's a really great guy.

Mackenzie got confirmed Saturday. She actually is moving to Texas, and to make a LONG story short, she had to get confirmed the 29th instead of the planned day of the 30th of September. She has changed so much since we first met with her. She is breaking her mom's cigarettes hahaha and telling her that she needs to stop because she's breaking the Word of Wisdom :) And she is always really eager to pray in lessons and things like that. It's fun to see people progress like she has! But like I said, she is moving to Texas so we won't be able to meet with her anymore. :/ Bishop Booth said he would contact her new bishop down there and let them know that she is coming and is a new member. :)

I went on exchanges with Elder Reid this week. All the Zone Leaders have to go on exchanges (where you switch companions with another companionship for 24 hours) with all the District Leaders in their Zone, and since I'm a District Leader they went on one with me and Elder Bloomfield. Elder Reid is so legit! He's exactly like me. He likes the same music, hobbies, everything. We got along really well. He made doing missionary work even more fun than it already is! Elder Reid got to teach Lloyd with me, and he fell in love with him hahaha. He loved how solid Lloyd is! :) But yeah he is a great Zone Leader. He taught me a few things that I can put to use in my teaching.

Elder Bloomfield is really improving confidence-wise. He and I were riding along one day and we saw a guy walking down the street and I pointed him out to Elder Bloomfield, to try and have him go talk to the guy. He was reluctant, but eventually he got the guts to do it. :) The guy stopped and actually talked to us! He said he was interested in meeting with the missionaries. I could tell that Elder Bloomfield was happy he did it :) Such a proud parent moment! ;) He's opening up a lot, I hope we stay together in transfers happening on October 10th.

This last Sunday was fast Sunday around here since General Conference is this weekend. THIS WEEKEND! Make sure every one of you that is reading this watches it! Especially Saturday afternoon session in case you see me ;) I can't remember if I've told you this or not but the youth from around here are singing in General Conference Saturday afternoon session as well, so watch it to see if they're good or not! (They are!)

ANYWAYS to get back to the point, it was fast Sunday and I was fasting for a lot of things, but one specifically was to be able to feel the Spirit strongly. I love doing that because it is SO MUCH more noticable when I am feeling the Spirit and when I'm not. :) So if any of you have a hard time recognizing if you're feeling the Spirit or not, pray or fast to be able to be spiritually sensitive :) Or read Galatians 5: 22-26 to know if you're feeling the Spirit or not!

Hope all is well back home!
Until then,
-Elder Wilson
P.S. I was super stoked that I found some “perfect pushups” at a yard sale, and the guy only wanted 1 dollar! I also picked up a pull up bar at another garage sale a while ago for a dollar, and I have two 35 lb dumbbells that I got for free! I'm excited haha ;)

We saw this truck and I had to take a picture of it hahaha. There's a hidden message on it ;)

We went to In-N-Out! :)

A cute picture that Mackenzie drew. Elber Wilson and Elber Bloomfielb! ;)

Our district hahaha. It's a pretty fun one. Elder Reid and Elder Willis are our zone leaders, Elder Reid is on the very left and Elder Willis is the one with his arms out. Sister Crockett is the one in the green, to her right with the blonde hair is Sister Young her comp, then in the front is Sister Paongo and Sister Veith.

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