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Monday, October 22, 2012

It's weird having P-day on Monday again!

This is an exception  not a new thing where my P-days are going to be on Mondays. They'll still be on Tuesdays, it's just that we have a meeting that will interfere with our usual P-day.
It's starting to rain really hard! :) Well some days. Other days it's just kind of cold. Which is still awesome. Speaking of awesome, I got a letter from the Sharps this week! :)

We had zone conference on Wednesday. It went really well! It was about the Book of Mormon and how we can use it to our advantage when we teach. In Preach My Gospel, they tell us that the Book of Mormon coupled with the Spirit is the most powerful teaching tool. And I agree with that. We can use the scriptures to back us up, because just taking our word for it doesn't do anyone any good. 

An Elder in my district, Elder Tuiketei (Too-ee-ka-tay) got his bike stolen, so that kind of stinks. I guess he left it out at night and so it got jacked. So now I lock up my bike even at night haha. 

There was a guy named Thomas Henry that died Wednesday night :( He was the dad of one of the people we were teaching. We went to the funeral service at the church, and when they were all at the grave site, Elder Bass and I stayed behind and got 16 Book of Mormons and wrote in them and highlighted certain things in them. (The introduction page's first, and then last two paragraphs; Alma 40: 11-12, and then wrote our number in the front of them if they had any questions or wanted to learn more.) We left 2 on every table. When the crowd came back for lunch, we left. Later on we went back and all but one of them was gone! :) We even looked in the lost and found and none of them were there. They took them! :) We had too many appointments later that day, so we went on splits with some of the people in our wards that we cover. I went with Tom Seipel, and Elder Bass went with Joseph Bjork who just recently got off his mission maybe a month or two ago. Tom and I went to teach Malaysia and Britain, and Elder Bass and Joseph went to teach Lloyd and to get the baptismal program made. When Tom and I got to Malaysia's house, they weren't home! So instead we went to Aubry's home which is right next door and taught her. We read Alma chapter 12 with her which is a pretty sweet chapter. She called it a "spiritual slap in the face" hahaha. 

We found a new person this week, Frankie King. He's this really cool guy 29 years old. REALLY chill. He accepted November 11th as a date to get baptized, after we taught him the Restoration. He's excited and ready to get baptized! There are people everywhere for us as missionaries. We just have to have the faith to find them! :)

We met with Mikayla this week too. She's improving, slowly. ha. She wasn't interested in reading the scriptures, so instead we read out of one of the pamphlets about the plan of salvation. She seemed to understand it really well, and had a desire to learn more about it which is sweet. 

Lloyd got baptized! :) He asked me to do it, and I was honored to do it. haha ;) The service went really well. The talks were great, the baptism itself was great, and they had a lunch at their house afterwards (also great ;)) President Moffat showed up and he said it went really well! After that we went back to the church to help the Sisters set up for their baptism. Gordan Andrew Gray III. They asked me to do his baptism as well! That was a cool experience. He's a really great guy. I love baptisms in general. There's such a good Spirit at them. If any of you are reading this and don't know what I'm talking about when I say there's a special spirit at them, GO TO ONE! :) They're so cool :)

I love you, thanks for reading!
Elder Wilson

Okay, so I know that you can't see the rain but it was pouring!! haha.

This is infamous Lloyd I've been talking about. Elder Bass thinks he's tall with his shoes on ;)

Here's a picture of Gordon, the other baptism that I did on Saturday.

I was so excited to get this cereal in a package my family sent me! I've always wanted to try it! :)

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