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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

It's that time of year again...!

Happy Birthday! Thanks for all you who remembered today! It's funny how as time goes on in the mission, more and more people start forgetting about you haha.

But as far as this week, things are going great. The zone is really picking up. When I first got here the zone was pretty low on people the zone was working with. But now it's starting to pick up like crazy!! Obviously it wasn't me but it's just humbling to be able to witness the success that the Lord is pouring out on this zone right now. The wards here are really excited to get new missionaries here and are helping us a ton with going out with us every night and setting up teaching appointments with us. I love the mission!!

Patrick O'Brien is the 12 year old guy that we're working with. he's awesome!! And working towards his date on March 15th. he loves coming to mutual and coming to church (to be able to be with his friends.... but hey he's 12. and has ADHD). His prayers are so awesome haha. 
"I thank you for my friends, and my friends the missionaries, and my family, and I thank you for letting me have cool things like basketball at mutual, and videogames, like call of duty and mario kart, and... for the missionaries again.. oh wait I already said that... uh.. in the name of Jesus Christ Amen!" so awesome hahahah.

Mike Clark. He was here when we got here, but he was not wanting to meet with the missionaries. We met with him once, taught him the first lesson, and he felt the Spirit really strongly. So he allowed us to come back. We invited him to be baptized, and he declined, saying that he has some pretty deep roots in the baptist religion. Even though I knew that he just had to give up smoking and that that was just a cover up excuse. Well when we went back the next appointment, he had had a really amazing experience. His son had to have surgery, and during it things went a little wrong. His artery was bleeding out in his neck and so Mike said a prayer to God, saying that if He helped his son get through it and he made it out okay, then he would join His Church. HE GOT BETTER! To him that was a huge testimony builder. And for me too. Knowing that God sometimes lets us go through stressful times in order to appreciate Him and to come closer to Him. but he said that he's not going to go back on his promise and that he is going to be baptized March 22nd. I love miracles! They are happening around us all the time. We just have to look for them!

Another cool thing that happened this week was that Elder Arnold came to our sacrament meeting in one of the wards that we were in. He's in the quorum of the seventy. That was pretty cool. I shared my testimony in the meeting, and then he got up and shared his right afterwards and he said some pretty nice things about me. That was pretty awesome. He's the same one that came to our mission a while ago, and I had a one on one interview with him along with the rest of the zone leaders. Crazy awesome!

Other than that, nothing else really happened. Well I'm sure they did, but i can't remember them!

Love you!!
Elder Wilson

Thank you family for the package! Such a great, healthy breakfast this morning!

An awesome cloud cover. Unfortunately we were in a lesson when it was sunset, otherwise I'm sure this would have looked even more epic!! Well I guess it's not unfortunately, I love teaching lessons! ;)

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