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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

week 3 in transfer #17... done =/

This week was awesome! Patrick and Mike are still on date to be baptized. And Patrick is getting baptized this Saturday!!

Patrick. This guy is pretty awesome. He is 12, and has the attention span of.. well he doesn't really have one. But when you get him interested in something then he's good to go with it. Like his baptism for instance. He was agreeing to it at first, but not super solidly. If that's a word. He was just kind of scared to go through with it. Even though he saw his dad get baptized late last year. But we talked with him, and played a board game with him which was able to calm his fears about his baptismal interview this past weekend, and for his baptism coming up as well. But don't worry, it's the board game that I made! It only took about 6 months to make. We don't have a ton of free time as missionaries, you know. I'll send a picture of us playing it. Basically it's called the way back to heaven, and it teaches us the gospel of jesus christ and the principles that we teach people who are getting baptized. It's pretty fun. But he was able to answer a lot of the questions that were in the game. But yeah now he's really excited to get baptized! 

We had a miracle happen with Patrick this week. So he was really nervous about his baptismal interview but after we stayed there and talked with him for a while, he was a lot calmer about it. he passed. Then the next day, for stake conference, we went by in the morning to confirm that he would be coming, and he said he would with his dad who is a recent convert. When we went to go pick up our other investigator, Mike, and went to church. However, when it was about 5 til and Patrick wasn't there yet, we gave his dad a call. He had left his cell phone at home, and the wife answered saying that Patrick wasn't going to come to church. He was throwing a fit. So Elder Iwertz and I prayed, and asked for the Lord's help to get him here so he won't fall off date. Then we went by halfway through stake conference after giving him some time to cool down (thank goodness for it being 2 hours) to go pick him up. He opened the door, let us in and we talked for a good 10 minutes. Turns out he was scared that there wouldn't be any other kids there besides him. Talk about an iceberg concern. After we resolved that, he gladly came with us and we were able to enjoy the last 30 minutes of stake conference. (Sorry about missing your talk). Fighting for our investigators really pays off.

Mike is doing really well too! He is getting ready for his baptismal interview this Saturday, and his baptism next Saturday. I'm excited for him! :)

We also had zone training meeting this week which went really well. We trained on how we can get the people we're teaching to come to church and how to get the best out of it. It was pretty awesome! The assistants came and said that it was an "A+" so that was pretty cool. :)

Love you guys!
Elder Wilson
 Elder Iwertz crashed on his bike.. =)

The game that I made that we were playing with Patrick. I kind of lost in this game.... 
I got a lot of sins.

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