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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

This transfer went by so quickly, it's insane.

MIKE CLARK GOT BAPTIZED! That was definitely the highlight of the week. He had been working with the missionaires in the past, and had to have his baptismal date pushed back because of the word of wisdom slip-up he had, the day of his baptism. Which wasn't very good. But he had a miracle happen in his life, and that's what helped him to agree to baptism. We made daily contact with him all the way until his baptism, to make sure that he didn't slip up again. He said it was kind of painful us always reminding him about it but at the same time it helped him to stay on track. Once the day of his baptism came up he was pretty excited about it. When he said the closing prayer in one of our meetings, he mentioned "and I thank thee for allowing me to be baptized this weekend, I'm pretty excited for it." That was so awesome!! The actual baptism went really well too though. The Spirit was definitely there really strongly. He was baptized by the bishop. And confirmed the next day in sacrament meeting. That was really cool. he's a good guy.

Jake Fisher is someone that we've picked up. He's a 16 year old guy and plays rugby for his school. He's pretty awesome too. But really nervous and scared. When we first met with him it looked like he was so scared he would just get up and run out of the room. So we built up some trust with him by just talking with him. And he accepted baptism for April! But we have to talk to his mom to make sure she's good with it too. We also have a lot of other people we're working with right now and a bunch of potentials which should be awesome. Next week I'll let you know!!

Other than that, we went out to lunch with some cool people lately!! The Sharps took us out last week, and then we went to lunch with the Millers to celebrate Janessa's and mine birthday, and then Elder Reed came back to the mission to visit and went with us to dinner! And brought his *cough* fiance..... *cough*. Then today Brother Bowles the longest-acting patriarch in the Church took us and Elder Smith/banks to a Mexican restaurant. that was pretty awesome. All super great awesome families and people. Definitely going to keep in contact with them!

Anyways my comp is kicking me off now....
Love you!
Elder Wilson!
 Mike Clark got baptized!!

 We went to a district meeting for a district in our zone, and took a picture together. 
It's a fun district!

 Sister Taylor said she always takes pictures with her zone leaders, so she wanted one.... hahha. 
And we stood behind her kind of so that we could be close together in the picture but not too close.

We went to dinner with the Miller family! And janeina (sister miller) wanted to take a picture. 
It was to celebrate mine and Janessa's birthday

We had dinner with Elder Reed! That was awesome to see him. He's going to school downtown.

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