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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Patrick O'Brien!!

This week was stressfull! But also really rewarding. Patrick was good to go for his baptism throughout the week because we were meeting with him daily and getting him pumped for his baptism. The baptism itself went pretty well. He was a little scared in the beginning of it, but it ended up going well. There wasn't a ton of people from the ward showing up which kinda sucked but a lot of his family came so that was worth it. The Bishop was suppsoed to give a talk on baptism but it was 7 minutes after 2 when the baptism was supposed to start and he wasn't there. So... we just started without him, I filled in for the talk on baptism. Then the time came for him to welcome patrick into the ward... still not there. One of his counselors came luckily and so we had him do it. During the closing song he finally walked in. Turns out he was meeting with someone for 2 and a half hours. Pretty nuts. But it's okay, he's still a good bishop. And he will be baptizing Mike this weekend!

Speaking of Mike! He got interviewed for baptism last saturday, and he passed! It will be at 7pm this saturday. Which should be good. It was announced in Sacrament meeting so I hope that a lot of people show up! He is a really humble, good, old man. okay not old he's only 60. But still, he's older than I am. He's pretty excited for his baptism this weekend. I'll let you know how it goes next week!

So we were doing a zone workout in the morning, and we were playing ultimate frisbee. An Elder got a little too close to me when I was throwing the frisbee to start off a round, and my arm hit him right in the mouth. And... it cracked his tooth! Well the back of it at least. So he was obviously in a lot of pain. He went to the dentist's office, and they fixed it. Glued it back together and he is a-okay now! But that was a pretty crazy experience. I felt really bad for it. 

Things are going well here in the area though, we're picking up new people to teach so that will be good. Like Jake Fisher! Remind me to tell you about him next week. We met with him once yesterday, but he has to get permission for us to be able to teach him in the future. He's a good kid though, so I think things will go well with him.

Love you guys!
Elder Wilson
This is from my old area, that's that huge hill we had to ride up for 6 months. 
It gets a lot steeper as it turns to the right. Also the same hill I bailed on!

Patrick's baptism!!!

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