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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Elder Iwertz

So I got moved! Well I guess I told you that last week. But my new companion's name is Elder Iwertz. He's a good guy, and he's from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Apparently he's actually from Oklahoma city instead of close to it, like me and Sacramento. He's been out just barely over a year, and so he is getting the missionary life down pretty well. He and I whitewashed the area that we're in right now though! A whitewash is when there's two missionaries going into an area that they've never been in before, just kind of getting "thrown" into it. But I love doing it that way. Getting to know the area and getting to know the members and everything like that is always a ton of fun. We have 1 on date for baptism right now, but I'm sure that things will pick up soon because we're being obedient and working hard. So hopefully next week I'll have some updates for you!

Patrick O'Brien is the guy that we have on date right now. He's a really awesome 12 year old. He's pretty smart, too. When we came into the area, he was pretty shaky about getting baptized and coming to church and stuff like that. But we've built some trust with him and helped him to realize that church can be and is really fun! So that's always good. His dad just got baptized in November I think, so that's cool too.

So some good things happened in my old area that I heard about!
Skyler got baptized!!! I wasn't able to make it though. =/ because we had a baptism that Elder Iwertz was teaching happening at the exact same time. So that wasn't too great. I felt really bad because he really wanted me to be there. And it took a while to finally get a hold of the other missionaries there to get Skyler's number to call to apologize. But he was okay with it all. He's a good guy. And also, Kennedy finally got confirmed! She got baptized but not confirmed. Which was a HUGE headache. 

Things are picking up right now!! It's getting exciting though, getting to know all the members and people here. 
But yeah, hopefully all's well everywhere else in the world! If not, start praying!

Elder Wilson
The pumpkins that Elder Reed and I got for Halloween still are alive! Well, kind of. 

Pretty much the best intersection in Utah

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