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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Transfers! (for other missionaries)

Another 6 weeks has already gone by, but Elder Reed and I are both staying here together. So that means that by the end of this transfer, I will be with him for 3 transfers or 4 1/2 months! Pretty crazy. In this mission that never happens since the areas are so small. But I'm cool with it because he's a fun companion and we get a lot of work done. This is also his last transfer so I'll be killing him! (That's what it's called when you're someone's last companion and 'send them home'.) But he's not trunky and thinking about home so that's good.

This week was awesome! Shawn Barlow got baptized. And his whole family came! Well most of it. He has 28 brothers and sisters but I think about 2/3 of his family ended up showing up. I'll send a picture of them. They're really cool! He's going to be a stud member of the church. And he's thinking about going on a mission, hopefully he will go through with it. I know he would be an awesome missionary!! 

We took Tearsha to temple square last tuesday too. I'm attaching a picture of it. She is ALSO awesome! She loved it. We told her about prophets, forever families, and temples. She said she didn't have any questions but she learned a lot from it. She was gone this past weekend to visit her fiance in washington and she should have gotten back late last night or this morning. 

We had zone training meeting, that went really well too. Elder Reed and I made it fun but at the same time still instructional. The activity we did was a lot of fun. We made everyone run across the gym while everyone in a district shot nerf darts at them. That represented us as a zone finding a lot of people to teach, but not holding them (resolving their concerns.) Then we brainsormed ways we can hold people better and wrote them on a chalkboard. Then they all hid behind it as they walked past those shooting nerf darts at them. Most of them got through to "baptism" that time, symbolizing that when we do everything we can do then people get to baptism a lot easier and a lot more frequently. They all said they enjoyed it and learned from it, which is awesome! 

Elder Reed and I also had dinner with some people we met a while ago. They are so awesome!! haha. They even made us pumpkins, that was pretty cool. 

We have a lot of progressing investigators too which is really exciting.I'll tell you more about them next week! I'm running out of time this week, sorry.

Love you!
Elder Wilson

 Tearsha! We took her to temple square.

Shawn's baptism. He's on the top left by me. This isn't even his whole family! 
There was probably half missing he said. hahaha. They're awesome. 

The pumpkins that those awesome members made for us!

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