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Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Man this week was totally awesome. So many cool things happened!

First off, last tuesday Lloyd and his fiance picked me and Elder Reed up to go to the temple!!! That was his first time going through the temple, and he wanted me to be his host through it to show him what to do. That was super humbling to be able to do that! Elder Reed and I were both able to be his hosts. Usually there's only 1 allowed, but since they found out we're missionaries and need to be together always, they allowed it. Man the temple is an awesome place. He loved it. We checked out one of the Sealing rooms, and Lloyd was amazed at the mirrors that seem to go on for ever, symbolizing eternity. I had realized before, but this last time I really tried to notice just how many symbolic things there are in the temple. I felt so close to God when I was in there. The Temple is incredible. so peaceful. I love it! It really is God's house!!

Tearsha Wallace got baptized!!! It was a really good baptism. She had her friends all participate which was cool. Ray, the one that went to general conference with us gave one of the talks, and her chaplain from the army was the one that baptized her. She is definitely one of my favorite people to have taught while on my mission. She soaked every thing we taught her with no questions or concerns! She was very, very prepared by God. 

I went on exchanges with Elder Lamb this week! (The one that Sydnee taught in the MTC). He came to my area since he probably couldn't do very well in his area yet (first week out). He's a good missionary. He wants to do the right things in his mission and I think with a little bit of guidance he will be able to grow into a really good missionary! (Good companions to keep him developing well) He has a good trainer now though which is good. I think he'll go far.

We had interviews with President Moffat this week. That went really well. We also got some training from the assistants and that was good. But the coolest part was at the end, when President called Elder Reed up to the front and asked him to tell us how he's had so much success on his mission. That was a cool experience. I was looking around, and all the missionaries were paying close attention. Elder Reed started to tear up when he was talking. He said " This time is too short. Don't waste it." Pretty powerful. I could tell that he was really getting sad that he has to go home soon. But I think it was really good, the missionaries really learned a lot from it. Myself included.

Anyways, this week was pretty dang awesome. So hopefully all of yours are as well. Love ya!
Elder Wilson

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