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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Life is good.

Life really is good though, if you think about it. Sure, everything might be crazy in the world but if you look for the positives rather than the everything else life seems a lot better. For me at least! Hopefully you all feel the same. But this week was awesome. And it doesn't look like it's going to end anytime soon!

Olivia was baptized! She's that 9 year old I was talking about. She is really smart. She knew everything she needed to know for baptism already and was excited for it. The only problem was she was only here once every OTHER weekend. So that made it hard for us to teach her and get a day to have the baptism, but eventually it happened. And it went really well! She had a lot of support from her family and friends and the ward there so that was nice. She said she felt really good after her baptism. To this day, I haven't heard someone that DIDN'T "feel really good" after their baptism. Yet again, another witness that this gospel is true. :)

There was something I forgot to tell you about Shawn's baptism though! His was a very unique baptism. He had a ROCK BAND AT IT! hahahaha. Apparently there was a family reunion that was taking place and they didn't know we were scheduled to have a baptism. So literally throughout the entire baptism there was rock music going on. It was a little hard to focus when Love Shack and other 80's music was blaring from the gym. haha. But the cool part was that when the actual baptism was happening (instead of the talks or music), the music stopped!! Pretty awesome how that worked. Coincidence? I think not! ;)

Other than that, Shawn is still solid. He's come out to lessons with us to teach other people we're working with and he was a little apprehensive at first but I can tell he's gonna be a good missionary if he decides to go on one. I really think he should! He even had a box for the tithing that he had been saving up for when he became a member!!!!! He had been saving it for over 5 years. Guess how much??? Check the picture!

Tearsha Wallace is coming up this weekend! (The one we took to temple square last week). She passed her interview, and is excited for her baptism. She is having her chaplain baptize her! He was the one that started it all, when she was in Afghanistan for the Army. She got interested in religion while there, and he told her about all different ones but she was interested in the LDS religion. So she learned, started reading the Book of Mormon, knew that it was true and from God, and we randomly tracted into her a while later! So that was a cool experience to go through. 

We went on exchanges with Elder Bloomfield and Elder Haught. I took E. Bloomfield to my area. It was good to be comps with him again! It was over a year ago that we were last time. He has opened up a lot from when we were together last. He really knows the scriptures well too! That was awesome. He helped teach the people we were working with, and he went with me to a district meeting. We went to Elder Chandlers. He has the biggest district I think in the mission, with 5 companionships and 2 senior couple companionships totaling 14! But yeah. It went pretty well. He's a good district leader, and hopefully he will continue to grow and develop well.

I met Elder Lamb! (The one that Sydnee taught when she was in the Mexico MTC). He's a solid missionary I think. obviously I don't know too much about him but we've gone to lunch and helped fix a bike or two, so we've talked a little bit. We're going on exchanges this next week and I'll go with Elder lamb and E. Reed will go with Elder Durfee, one of our district leaders. So that will be exciting! I'll let you know how it goes. 

Love you!
Elder Wilson
 Olivia's baptism!

 Our flyers that we put up around the church!

Shawn's tithing! 4,687 DOLLARS AND 94 CENTS! The bishop was very, very surprised. hahaha. When Shawn walked up to him and said he had some tithing money that he had been saving up, the Bishop was like "Oh, you have some coins in here or something...?" As he was opening the box. then when he opened it and saw a HUNDRED DOLLAR BILL sitting on top he was like OH! Well, let's go into my office so we can count it in private. hahahaha it was so funny to see his reaction. 

We saw a complete rainbow the other day, that was pretty cool.

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