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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

This week...

...went by so fast! I can't believe August is already halfway over.

We had zone training this last week which went pretty well. We trained on how to get the people we're teaching to realize that they need to come to church to be able to get the answer that this really is the only true church as we claim it to be. And how to talk to the random people we see on the streets and how to mix the gospel into it. That was pretty cool. The assistants came to it and said that it was pretty good. They said the activity part was really good and the practicing how to talk with people was good as well. Then they left us with some things we could do better next time. Which is always needed. We had a big meeting with the mission president, the area seventy over this area, the full time missionaries from this zone, the senior couple missionaries from this zone, all the stake presidents from this zone, all the bishops, all the ward mission leaders, and all the members of the ward counsel. So it was a pretty big meeting. But it went really really well! Elder Tate the area seventy talked to everyone about how the ward counsel should run and what they should talk about during it. I think the members really needed that meeting because they all really want to do the work, but most of them just don't know how, haha.

We went on exchanges last week with Elder Chesbrough and Elder Harun. We did it really early in the morning so Elder Reed and I rode all the way to their house to do the switch. Elder Reed went with Elder Chesbrough who is a new district leader this transfer, and Elder Harun came here. It was seriously dodge-the-missionary day, though. Nobody was outside and nobody answered the doors! 2 of our appointments fell through, but we were able to teach a guy named Shawn who is starting to come back to church. Brother Hutchinson came out with us which is nice. He's a good guy. Elder Harun's bike broke haha. We were riding and all of a sudden Elder Harun was like uhh.. Elder? His handlebars came up out of the socket they were in. So we called a ride, and we went back to our place to grab my extra bike. Some missionaries ask me why I have an extra one but hey this is why! That way we don't have to waste any time fixing bikes we just go grab the extra one. He's from Malaysia and goes up to about my shoulder but he is an awesome missionary! He goes home September 4th but he is really focused on the work still which is awesome. He's always happy!

I also went on exchanges with Elder Conley in his area. We talked to everyone we saw, it was pretty fun. I think I got him a little pumped up! We found a lot of potentials in that area which hopefully should help. We got in contact with someone they were teaching, Aliimau as well which was really good. He had been dogging the missionaries for a while so that was good to finally catch him. He admitted to have started up smoking again which is why he was avoiding the missionaries. He felt guilty and embarrassed. I'm glad he was able to let us know though so that we can help him. He's on track to be baptized in the next couple weeks.

Sunday wasn't too stressful this week! Which was really nice because as a missionary it usually is. Nestor came to church today. Natasha his little sister wanted to come too, but she wasn't home. Nestor really needs some church clothes. He wore a black t shirt, blue basketball shorts, and neon green running shoes. Pretty crazy. But hey as long as you come to church, God doesn't care right?? He's still good for the 24th. We also went by Nestor's live in nanny named Klari. She's from Hungary so she only speaks Hungarian, which creates a little bit of a problem since I have no idea how to even say hello. Luckily we had dinner with a family who's son just got back from his mission to Hungary!! I definitely know that wasn't a coincidence that we met them. We took him with us to teach her, and he taught her about the Book of Mormon and a little about the Church. We shared our testimonies with her through him translating for us which was pretty fun actually. She wants us to come back so we have a return appt for tomorrow with her. 

Man that was a long winded email! Sorry about that! Hopefully you didn't just skim through the entire thing, it took me a long time to write it!

Love, Elder Wilson

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