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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

An awesome week


This past Sunday Elder Reed and I fasted for the people we're working with to be able to come to church to be able to receive the revelation they need that this really is the right Church. And it worked!! He definitely loves us enough to help us with that, it's incredible how much you learn about God while you're on your mission dedicating 2 years just to Him and His work. I can honestly say that I have a personal relationship with Him. How humbling is that? Having a personal relationship with a God?? :)

Brother Zolman is usually the guy we get to drive us around for P-day. He's probably around 60 but he is so hilarious!! hahaha. I love that guy. He usually takes us out to eat for lunch, and he took us out to lunch to a Mexican restaurant named Tio's. He goes there so much that he's a VIP member there pretty much. They don't have diet mountain dew there, only regular, so he brings in his own diet mountain dew cans and they put them in the back of the store for him and bring them out when he comes in!! hahaha. He's so awesome.

We went on an exchange with Elder Harun and Elder Chesbrough. They're good missionaries but their area isn't doing too well. Elder Reed and I wanted to help them out so I went into their area with Elder Chesbrough. All of their appointments cancelled that day which stunk, but instead we just talked to everyone we saw. Together, we found them a solid potential person, and 3 referrals for people we should stop by. That was pretty cool. I was getting him super pumped up about the work which was fun. We talked with everyone we saw! He's a good missionary, just kind of bashful. 

I think they're either close to or have put out the fires here in Utah which is good. Except I think I'm going to miss the red sun and the orange moon, haha.

So we taught Klari, that Hungarian woman who is Nestor and Derrick's live in nanny this week. We taught her through a  translator, the ROM from Hungary. He was saying how she was actually pretty interested! She's moving back to Hungary this week though which sucks. But you wanna know the cool part?? She lives 10 MINUTES AWAY walking distance to the mission office in Hungary! Alex knew exactly which street she lives on! Pretty crazy awesome. You can't plan that without the Lord's help. So we got her information, and we're going to send it to the mission office in Hungary. She's excited to learn! I think she will be an amazing asset to the people in Hungary.

We bought Nestor and Derrick some church clothes from Deseret Industries. They each got shoes, pants, a belt, a shirt, and a tie! They were pretty excited to wear them at Church on Sunday. Nestor is such a good kid! He got interviewed for baptism Saturday and he passed (of course). He and his mom are excited for his baptism. SO ARE WE! :) I don't think I have a picture of him yet, so I'll send one next week of his baptism. They both came to church (nestor and derrick) and they both loved it! Their little sister Natasha came too and she's 6. She liked primary. 

Another cool thing happened! We were walking through an apartment complex, and we heard a girl yell "Elders!!!" So we turned around and there was a girl that had come down from BYU-I and was on a residency here for teaching. Except she didn't have Internet or a roommate, and she started work the next day. She needed Internet to register for things, and her roommate was supposed to know the way around there. She was super overwhelmed. So we gave her a blessing to calm her down. That really helped. Ah man I love the priesthood!! 

We also stopped by Elder Bass and Elder Brannum. (Elder Bass is MY SON! ;) ) They said they wanted to work on handing out a Book of Mormon to people on the street so we role played that with them for a while. That seemed to help out a lot. I think Elder Brannum could become the next district leader, he's pretty capable. Although he's a little proud which isn't too good. 

I like this picture of the sunset, what do you think?

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