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Tuesday, August 27, 2013


The weather has been soo nice lately. Overcast, colder, and off and on rain. I love it!! Elder Reed have had lunch on the trampoline in the backyard because it feels so great. Although, the "farmer's almanac" says that this winter is supposed to be super cold, more than it has been. BRING IT ON!! hahaha.

Nestor had his baptism this last Saturday!! It went really well. We got there and he wasn't there yet. That was pretty nerve-racking. I don't know why they love doing that to us missionaries!! haha. Anyways, he eventually showed up at 2 which was when it was supposed to start. It all worked out well though. Nestor's baptism was pretty dang spiritual, too. As we were standing there in the water after I baptized him, he was just standing there smiling! :) He kept saying "Man, I feel REALLY good right now." This kid is awesome. After his baptism it started pouring hail and rain so we asked a kid in the ward if we could borrow some ugly ties because we didn't want our silk ties to get ruined. (You've gotta wear the nice ties to a baptism! ;) ) 

So many people came to church this week! We had Eric Foster (on date for September 21st), jasmine pew (on date for September 7th), derrick, and Klari! :) They all really liked it which was pretty awesome. Derrick doesn't want to agree to baptism just yet, but we'll get him. ;) haha just kidding. I think it's really his dad who is holding him back. He is atheist and I think that rubs off on his kids which is unfortunate. Oh well. Alex translated for Klari and she had a good time at church.

We taught Klari again this week. We taught her the plan of salvation and she really liked it! Man, I'm so sad that she is leaving this week for Hungary. :/ She's so awesome! I really hope she'll get baptized in Hungary. And that the elders over there don't screw it up, hahaha just kidding. She's genuinely interested and wanting to change. I'll attach a picture of her and the translator we used, Alex.

Another person we're working with is Andrew and his fiance Vicki. They don't come out to church that often, but they agreed to come this past Sunday. (They didn't end up coming though.) They're good people, but they've been through some hard times. My heart really goes out to people like that. I want to help them as much as possible! The best way I know how is through the Gospel. It really can change people's lives and I've seen it done. I love it.

So there's not too much of an email this week, sorry about that. But hey there's always next week. This week was pretty good, though. Anyways, hope all's well back home. Love ya!

-Elder Wilson


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