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Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Tomorrow is transfers, and I will be transferred over to another area in the bennion zone along with Elder Reed. We're still the zone leaders here, but the zone leader area is switching. So Elder Chandler and Elder Mintey are going to be here and Elder Reed and I are going to be a few blocks north. Not too bad. At least we won't have to ride up a 1/4 mile hill to our house each night anymore. And we have a weight bench in the new apartment. Yeahh buddy. But the sad thing is that we're going to have to say goodbye to all the people we are teaching here and the members we've gotten in contact with. :/ That's going to be hard.

We went on an exchange with the assistants again this week. I went with Elder Quesne to their area. They cover the YSA ward for Midvale and Murray, so that was fun. Plus we got to be in the car haha. 

Eric Foster is doing well, judging on the stuff that he's going through. He has dementia and his wife has terminal cancer. He gets pretty depressed sometimes and I can't blame him for it at all. Especially since I have never gone through what he's going through. (obviously). It's hard to watch it but he's a strong guy. This last Sunday he was dressed all ready to go to church, but he got a phone call saying that his daughter had died from a drunk driver accident. Man that was hard. He's a really really good guy though. And a blast to hang out with. I wish I got a picture of him in his purple suit!! Oh well.

Jasmine is going strong too. She really really loves going to church! And she got her husband to go which was cool because he hasn't been in a long time. She joined the choir too! She's going to sing in church in the end of the month which should be awesome. And she's going to sing in stake choir! Apparently she's won an award for regional... something. haha. some kind of contest. She and Eric are still on date for September 21st which is exciting. Something cool happened with her though!! She had a really big tea drinking problem which she has to be off of in order to be baptized so that was a roadblock. But we told her to pray about it to see if God wanted her to follow it. (She wouldn't agree to just drop it right then). So we went back the next day, and she hadn't prayed yet. The next day we went by again and she said she got a really strong answer to stop! Plus she ran out of sugar so she can't make any more. She said that was God's way of saying no too haha. 

Things are going really well out here. I love my mission! I never want it to end.

Love, Elder Wilson!

Double rainbow.

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