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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Da na na na na na na na na na FRANCO!

Haha what can I say, I'm out of creative ideas for the subject title. But Elder Franco and I are getting along pretty well. I cut his hair this morning! We were going around to the many garage sales that the wonderful state of Utah puts on around here, talking to people but also looking for things. ;) But I found a hair cutting kit brand new, and got it for $5! So I tried it out on Elder Franco and it didn't turn out half bad! I even faded it, Dad! ;) This week a Jehovah's witness came up to us and tried to offer us some "reading material". We asked him if he wanted some "reading material" from us instead, and he's like no thanks guys, I'm good and walked away. haha it was funny.

Okay before I lose any of you for this being too long, I want to tell you a miracle that we had!! Sunday. We found out from his family that Nick didn't ever come home the night of his baptism, and so he wasn't at church with the rest of his family. We stopped by his house, and nobody was home. Eventually we went back to the church, worried about him and what we would do. So elder Franco and I prayed, (basically begging God to give us a miracle). We confirmed Aubrianna which was admittedly hard to focus on with all the chaos going on. But directly after that we went back to the house, hoping he would be there. Still no answer. So we turned around and started heading back down the stairs disappointed a little, but right then NICK WALKED UP THE STAIRS!! God answered our prayer. It felt so amazing!! I'm sure that it helped that we were fasting for miracles/ baptisms in June!

Aubrianna's and Nick's baptisms went really well. The Spirit was really strong! Aubrianna and Nick are going to be good members of the Church for sure. It's exciting to see them progressing! Aubrianna looked so happy before and during the baptism! Nick after I baptized him gave me a big hug while we were still in the water. He's a good guy. He and Roy live in a really rough part of the town, and I hope that they don't grow up like the rest of the people over there. Drugs, alcohol, smoking, gangs, etc. Seems like I'm back in California!! ;) 

We went out to lunch with President Moffat my mission president on Thursday. That was pretty awesome! He takes the missionary companionships out to lunch if they hit what is called the standard of excellence. That is basically a set of numbers per week that he sets that have to do with things like baptisms, lessons taught, new people found to teach, and so on. But we hit it! It was pretty awesome. We also hit it this last week as well too! :) Elder Franco and I are doin' WORK! ;) haha. No it really is just the Lord doing it, it seems like we're just along for the ride. :) 

Today for p-day we're having an all mission activity thing from 3 until 8. We don't know much about it, so I'll let you know what happens next week. :) 
Man there is so much more that I want to talk about this week! But we're low on time. So that is the main important things from last week! I love you all
Elder Wilson

Nick's baptism! 

Aubrianna's baptism

 Before his haircut

 Halfway through his haircut. We almost kept it!

after! :)

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