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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Getting Transferred...

Well, I found out that I'm getting transferred! Elder Franco will be staying here and he will be getting Elder Bowie who is the one that Elder Turner went to when he left me! So that's kinda cool. Another cool thing is that I will be companions with Elder Ahrens, who is from Lincoln California. It's gonna be pretty cool I think! He's a good missionary and a cool guy from what I've seen. I'll be in the bennion zone again (the city of Taylorsville). And I'll be a zone leader there! Pretty intimidating but I think I'll be able to pull it off. If President Moffat and the Lord trust me to be able to do it then I can do it. :)

Well it was another good week this week. Makaleigh and Deeannaka are going to be baptized this Thursday which should be really good. I really hope that I will be able to make it back to see them get baptized, but if I can't oh well. All that matters is that they get baptized, right?? Elder Franco will be baptizing Makaleigh and I was supposed to be baptizing Deeannaka but I might not be able to since I'm getting moved.

Elder Franco signed my journal and wrote a rap in it! I won't embarrass him by putting it on here but let me just tell ya it was pretty funny! haha. :) It's gonna be sad leaving him but I'll still see him around in the mission. 

This week wasn't super eventful, but it was a really good week. This transfer flew by with Elder Franco. That's what happens when we get along well I guess!

Love, Elder Wilson

This was the all mission p-day that happened last week.

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