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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Kings of NorCal

My new companion is Elder Ahrens. He's from Lincoln California, about 15 minutes away from me! We know a lot of the same people which is pretty tight. He and I get along really well which is always a plus. We work hard together too. Being a zone leader now I have to make sure that my area that I'm in is in top shape, and then also make sure that the areas of all the elders and sisters in the zone have theirs up to speed too. So that's a lot of responsibility but I can definitely rely on the Lord for help.

Elder Ahrens doesn't have brakes on his bike so it's really fun for me to watch him trying to go down hills hahaha. There's a HUGE one coming from our house into the area, and so he has to try and slow down by going on the rocks and grass and everything he can on the way down. I had to stop in the middle of the street to stop cars from coming while he flew down through the intersection one time that was crazy haha. 

Jed Heath took Elder Franco out to lunch at a place called Joe Morley's before I left last week after emails. He's a really awesome guy, I'm gonna miss him. And we had dinner at the Hoerster's which was also super good. They had steak! That's a really great family that I'm going to miss too.

We did service for a lady in the ward on Saturday morning. She was really appreciative of it. Then later on that day we had a baptism for a girl named Stefanie. She's 17 but doesn't act like it. She could probably pass for 20's. She apparently had been taking discussions from the missionaries for 7 months. So that was probably a really good feeling to be able to finally get her baptized! She is super solid though. She gave a speech thing at the end of her baptism, and gave a talk in sacrament meeting the next day at her confirmation! It was father's day and so a lot of the talks were about fathers. (happy father's day dad!!) Then also, the primary sang the first verse of the army of helaman song. during the chorus of it, the young men and young women of the ward got up and sang the second verse. During that chorus, the ward choir and us missionaries got up and sang the third verse and the last chorus! It was super super powerful. A lot of people in the audience were crying. :) So that was cool! We also have another baptism coming up this Saturday, Kirsten. So hopefully hers will go well and I'll be able to tell you about it next week! I love all of you so much!

Love, Elder Wilson

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