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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

May is come and gone

Is there some type of magic that happens when you go on a mission?? Because it seems like time flies by way to fast out here. It's not bad that time is flying by but it's just really weird. This week, things that were super awesome happened to us! When I feel like I'm not doing the best that I can, I get on my knees, and ask God to help me become stronger. And He does listen, no falling down spiritually/emotionally after that. He always is there for me, for you, for everyone. Because He cares enough to answer everything you and I can come up with. This week I was getting down on some things, but really humbling myself and getting on my knees to ask Him for help helped me so much. I felt so at peace, and was ready/ excited to get out there and do the work!! It was awesome that as small of a concern as mine would reach all the way up to Heaven and that He loves me enough to be able to answer my question. He is real! I can't believe how some people can come to the conclusion that He doesn't exist. Mind boggling.

Aubrianna and Nick are going to get baptized this week! They're both excited for it. And so are we!

So on Thursday, my back went out. But it wasn't from me doing anything super strenuous or hard at all. In fact I was just in the process of sitting down, hahaha. All of a sudden my back tightened up and it felt like there were knives stabbing my back! So I fell to the ground and tried to relax the muscle that was tightening up. But I kept laughing because of how random it was! Elder Franco was laughing at me too. After some ibuprofen and a little rest, it felt a little better but I'm still not 100% yet. I went to the doctor to get checked out, and he prescribed me some muscle relaxers but I haven't gotten them yet. I want to make sure I really need them first. But that same day a few hours after I had to give the opening prayer for the zone specialized training meeting. It took me a while to get up the steps, haha. 
But ZST was really good! They focused it on teaching simply and also how to get the concern out of the people we're working with even when they don't tell us flat out what it is. The way to do that is through asking inspired questions to them to draw the concern out of them. Elder Franco and I were able to do that, so that was awesome. 

Friday was Elder Franco's birthday. 21 years old. To celebrate it, we went out to eat with a member, Jed Heath. We went to Chilli's and that was super good. We also went to temple square with Aubrianna and Kodie! They really liked it. We took them to look at the model of the temple and talk about it as well. Then we talked about President Thomas S. Monson, and watched with them the video on families. They really liked that. 

There was a referral that we got from Elder Quesne for a lady that really wants to learn more about our church and about the Book of Mormon. We went by, and she is an awesome lady. She doesn't want to get baptized yet, because she is in an internship in her church right now, and getting paid for it so she doesn't want to lose her job. But I can tell she really has a strong curiosity so that's exciting. 

Other than these things, nothing else super significant happened this week. Elder Franco and I are getting along pretty well so I can't complain there. I hope you all have a fun week this week!
Love, Elder Wilson

Elder Franco was leaning back in his chair and it snapped in half!! hahahaha. 

 Somebody didn't lock up their bike very well... ;)

We were teaching a lesson outside when we heard this huge BOOM, then we went over to where it came from, and it turns out a lady was driving her car and somehow managed to hit a tree, hopping over the curb and the hit was hard enough to make the air bags deploy. Crazy! She and her daughter were hurt, but it wasn't too bad.

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