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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

There are a lot of missionaries in the room right now, so I'm sorry in advance if this email doesn't make sense. This week was pretty cool. We found a new person! And potentially another family. Her name is Alma! I wonder if she knows her name is famous yet. We are going to stop by there tonight before all of our correlations with the wards that we cover.

This week we went on exchanges with some Elders in my district. Elder Wood and Elder Ross. Elder Ross was supposed to come to my area with me and Elder Wood stay there, but at the last minute Elder Ross was sick and so he stayed there and Elder Wood came to my area. He's a hard worker and we got along really well. :) We went to the Watson's where Jeremiah lives with his mom Thyssen, and he made us some shakes like he usually does when we go over there. Except this time they were nasty! He put in chocolate protein powder, grapefruit, oranges, and ice-cream. Then he had us try some testosterone powder chunks and those were seriously the nastiest thing I have ever tasted. It tasted like alfalfa, throw up, feces and dirt. After mouthwash, mints and brushing my teeth I could still taste it. And our breath smelled like that as well. haha. So that was interesting. The next day we went by with Elder Judkins and made him try some too. He only did a sip and almost barfed. haha. :)

We had a zone conference on Wednesday that was really good. It David Brashnahand gave a presentation to help us get people to stop smoking. He was it was extremely effective! So we're going to try it with Heather. Well her, and John. In the presentation we were told to get a bell so that we can ring it as part of the lesson. So we went to the store and I got a ridiculously loud cowbell. :) I keep thinking of the SNL with Will Ferrell video! hahahaha. We also found a bunch of old progress records (a sheet with a list of the people the missionaries were working with that week) in our apartment, so we spent some time going through all of them and writing down all the investigators that didn't become members later on. So we got a list of about 32 that we can stop by! Pretty exciting. 

It rained on Friday, that was weird. But it was pretty cold rain!! And then it froze later that night so it was interesting riding our bikes on that. Elder Judkins ate it and I almost did. I barely caught myself with my foot! haha. But overall it's starting to warm up so that's good. Except for yesterday we got 4 inches in an hour. That was cool. And it's still snowing! So it's hard to ride bikes but it's worth it because we get a good workout. 

The work is really picking up around here, it's exciting! The Olsens are still on track to be baptized February 9th! They are so awesome. I can't get over them, haha. I'm not talking them up either, they're just as good as I say they are!

Love, Elder Wilson

haha we found this on the door we had an appointment at

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