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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Gettin' pretty cold up here!

Hey everyone! This week was pretty good! For the most part. It's getting pretty cold, hitting low teens and sometimes lower at night. But I heard it's supposed to snow here pretty soon again so it should be getting a little warmer for that.
I ended up getting sick (the flu) Friday night and I'm just now getting over it completely. But Friday night I was up every 10-30 minutes taking lovely trips to the bathroom to empty my stomach, haha. I lost count at the seventeenth trip. I think I lost about 15 pounds! But it's all good, I'm good to go again.

We had another baptism! Thomas Pinchback got baptized Saturday (which I had to miss because I was staying in) but I heard that it was really spiritual and a really good baptism. I wish I could have been there! Elders Dean and Mo'unga did splits with us so that we could still do the baptism and keep all 6 of our appointments later on that day. Elder Mo'unga stayed in with me and watched all the church movies that we have at our apartment while I pretty much slept the whole day. Elders Dean and Judkins went out to cover our area that day. But the next day I was feeling up to go and so we went to Church and the confirmation went pretty well! Thomas wanted the Bishop to do his baptism and confirmation because he was the one that has helped him out a lot over the past few weeks. Thomas is such a great guy, super humble!

I had another district meeting, which went pretty well. I like doing the intereactive things with the district, it really gets them going and excited about missionary work. Because if we're all just sitting there with one person doing all the talking, people tend to zone out! Which is never good. But I think they all took something home with them that they can improve. Elder Judkins and I included.

So something really really cool! Remember Lloyd?? Well he wants to get married to his girlfriend, but in order to get married in the temple he has to wait a year from becoming a member. So he wrote the first presidency to ask if he can get married in August instead of waiting until October, and he got told by all his friends that he was probably wasting his time and that they were too busy for him but he got a PHONE CALL from PRESIDENT UCHTDORF saying that he could! And that he wanted to meet with Lloyd and his girlfriend for dinner!! That's totally awesome!! So I'm waiting to hear how that went. That all happened the day after Christmas, too!

Well, I hope you're doing well, and know that you're in my prayers!
Elder Wilson

Some fun pictures with the Sharps!

Sister Watson was finally able to leave her house!! :) 
When we went over there, she asked us if we could help her get up the stairs to go outside. 
And when we did she was so happy!!

Look at this creepy picture we saw in the church!! hahahaha.

Okay don't judge, it was super cold!! haha or maybe I'm about to sneeze.
Back to front: Elder Dean's arm, Elder Mo'Unga, Elder Judkins, and I.

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