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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Work, work, work!

This week has been filled with a ton of things happening. For one, the Olsens got interviewed for baptism which was awesome. The mom and dad (Matt and Veronica) got interviewed and passed with flying colors. They are so awesome! They're really excited to get baptized this upcoming Saturday. We're going to temple square this Friday at 7:30 with them! It's going to be cool seeing them at the temple.

It's awesome to see that I'm still able to be in contact with Lloyd and Elmer! They both contacted me recently and updated me on their social lives haha. It's so awesome to think that I was able to be a part of such a monumental part of their lives and how well they're doing still!
Elder Judkins and I are getting along well, but we're pretty sure that with transfers coming up on the 13th one of us will leave. We've both been here for a while. He's been here for three straight transfers and I have been here for 2 straight ones along with when I was here in August. So we're making predictions but as far as we know now, we have no idea. haha. Any guesses??
District meeting went very well this week. I I told everyone in advance to bring their area books, and so since I have to send the district texts also to President Moffat, he of course was wanting to come to see what I would be doing in it. haha. But it was good having him, he helped us out a lot. (Some companionships got chastised for not having very good ones, but hey it's all for the best right? Plus to be fair I gave them plenty of warning!! ;) )
We went to see Alma. I don't know if I told you about her or not, but Alma was a referral from the Spanish sister missionaries and they told us that Alma had accepted baptism for the 23rd of February. So we of course were thankful and excited, but when we went over there she didn't know she was "on date". She thought that CHURCH was on the 23rd, not her baptism. So we were kind of disappointed but oh well. And since then we've been trying to go back to get to know her and invite her for real this time, but she has been ignoring us and not answering the door. So it doesn't seem too promising there.
Heather Post came to church on Sunday!! She is really excited for her and her daughters to be baptized. She is also excited to learn more about the stop-smoking program. So we're going over there tomorrow (Wednesday) to do both of those. So I'll let you know how that goes.
The last part of this week was pretty hard, but I know that the Lord only puts things in my path to either test me or make me stronger or both. So as long as I have that perspective I know I'll be okay. I hope everyone back home is doing well!
Love, Elder Wilson

This is what happens when we're waiting for our ride to pick us up.

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