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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Olsens!

Hello family and whoever else is reading this! How was your week? Mine was amazing, thanks for asking. ;)

So we have more news! We have three new people that have accepted baptism. A family, actually! Their names are Veronica, Matthew, and Valory Olsen. They also have a little boy named Aiden but he's only 3. But they are SUCH an awesome family. I know I say that about everyone I meet haha but still!! (Maybe that's just because everyone is so awesome.) They are super willing to hear what we have to tell them, and they're always wanting to have more. They're willing to follow God and keep His commandments, and that's all that He asks of us! They're going to get baptized on February 9th. 11am to be exact! I'll see if I can attach a picture of them in the next week's email. So yeah they're exciting. They want us to come over every single day!

Other than them, this week has been pretty usual. Cold weather, icy roads, rusted chains from the salt on the road (the oil we put on them only lasts about 2 days then the rust kicks back in). 

I went on exchanges with Elder Dean earlier this week. (wow, that seems like such a long time ago.. this mission thing needs to SLOW DOWN). He's a really awesome guy. Elder. Missionary. He's hard working and has a fun time doing it which is the perfect mix for a good, well-liked missionary. Nobody likes a missionary robot but the opposite, a lazy missionary, is just as bad. But he went to BYU-Idaho the same time that I did and apparently he saw me there! With my black morph suit and white tie, hahaha. That was cool to find out. We're on the same track, Fall/Winter so we're going to probably room or at least hang out while we're up there. We're into a lot of the same things.

District meetings are on Wednesdays now, which is really weird because it makes the week seem longer! I guess I shouldn't be complaining with all my talk of things needing to slow down but still. At district meeting I taught about how they/we need to improve our teaching skills. And how we all need to help keep the investigators that we have, and to not let them "fall off date". Elder Wood said it was a really good district meeting and that he learned a lot, so that felt good. 

Things are going well out here, I hope things are going well back home! And wherever whoever is reading this!
I love ya!
Elder Wilson

 The District! Left to right, top to bottom: Elder Wood, Elder Wilson, Elder Mo'unga, Elder Dean, Elder Ross, Elder Judkins, Sister Norman, Sister Despain, Sister Guerrero, Sister Cordoba.

 Oh Elder Judkins...

Can you imagine my excitement when I read this text from Lloyd??

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