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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Keep Trudgin' Along! [Literally]

There's a ton of snow! I love it. It's hard to ride bikes through now that it's all frozen over though, haha. We have to ride in the ruts that we've made in the past with our bikes. It snowed 6 INCHES in one night! I'll attach the picture showing it. That was hard to ride our bikes through! It wasn't that slippery yet because it hadn't frozen yet but it was just so thick that it was physically hard, haha. But it kept us warm peddling hard so that's good.

This week went by so fast! It doesn't seem like it's been a week already since last Tuesday. Last Tuesday we had correlation with our wards, and when we were in the middle of one of them we got a call from the zone leaders. They were planning on going on exchanges with another district leader but that one was throwing up (it's going around!) and so they asked if we could do it last minute. So we had to cancel our last correlation and we went home so Elder Judkins could pack up a few things for it. I was with Elder Reed, and Elder Judkins was with Elder Quesne (cane). He's a pretty good missionary.

On Thursday we had zone conference. I love those, they're always so inspiring and uplifting! Turns out we're changing our district meetings to Wednesdays now, not Thursdays anymore. And they changed up our mission vision and the standard of excellence key indicators. (Sorry if you have no idea what I just said.) The rest of the day, and a lot of the days in this past week, were spent trying to contact some people that we call "potential investigators". Those are those who we met and they said they'd be interested in hearing more about the Church and wanting to learn more. But the frustrating thing is that it's so hard to catch people home! They just don't know what they're missing out on. I'd say that's the most frustrating thing as a missionary. We met with a guy named Carlo and his wife Nina, and they've been through 20 sets of missionaries. He keeps saying that he's catholic and that he doesn't want to change that. Although, he did say that if he's wrong and the Mormons are right, he's sure that God will forgive him and let him change. hahaha. I kinda laughed at that. (inside, don't worry!) It's a good point but I've just never heard that before. He deeply respects the LDS religion though, so that's good.

I got a list of names for Jesus Christ (Mediator, Savior, Redeemer, etc) that I found in the Book of Mormon and in total I've found 148!! So I'm going to write them all on the back of a picture of Jesus Christ and then laminate it. I think it will look really cool. :) It's amazing how much He's mentioned in the Book of Mormon! It really is "another testament of Jesus Christ". (like it says on the cover of it). It's so hard to imagine how people can't believe that it's the word of God! JUST READ IT you'll know! I think people like Carlo and others are just afraid to find out that if the "mormons" are really right then they'd have to change! It's so obvious after reading it and praying to find out if it's true that it is. There's no doubt in my mind! 

I love this work. I hope all of you are doing well back home, and know that I love you!
-Elder Wilson
 This was the temperature at 3pm! The hottest part of the day! haha.

9 1/2 inches of snow in a few days. Pretty awesome!

The tiniest rabbit I've ever seen! (Especially compared to Sally... RIP)

 It's difficult to smile when your face is frozen


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