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Tuesday, November 27, 2012


HELLOOO Everyone!
To answer your questions, YES I'm alive. :)
(And if you don't already know, I was hit by a car on Thanksgiving day but don't worry, I got the car back. ;) )

So I guess I should start off with that, huh. 
Well we were riding home after a wonderful thanksgiving day, and we waited at the corner of the street to cross until the white man said it was okay to walk like he does. As we started to go across Elder Judkins (my new comp, more later) said man, today was such a good day. I agreed, because it was! Then as I was almost across the street, I saw a car out of the corner of my eye and all I heard was Elder Judkins saying "OH DUDE!" Then I remember being on the street in front of the car, and not wanting to get run over I hurried and got to the side of the road because I didn't know if she was going to keep going or not. But when I did that I realized that my knee was hurting pretty badly so I sat down and wrapped my hands around it to get pressure on it. By then there were probably about 10 or more people that had ran over and were asking me if I was alright or not. I looked at the car and my BIKE WAS STICKING OUT OF THE HEADLIGHT. hahaha. The pedal had jammed into the headlight and was suspended in midair from it. So turns out that the lady (a 60 year old, and she was really shaken up- she kept saying she thought she killed me) had been making a right hand turn and didn't see me crossing the street. I was hit, rolled up onto her car, shattered the windshield, bounced off (going OVER my bike which was stuck in her car, so probably around 7-9 feet in the air), then landed on the street in front of her. So from her perspective I can see why she thought she killed me, because all she saw was me right in front of her, and then BAM her windshield is spider-webbed haha. There was so much commotion it all happened so fast! Probably 5 cops, a fire truck and an ambulance all showed up. I didn't call any though, other people did I guess. I got checked out by the paramedics, and they didn't find anything wrong with me. There was a tow truck driver that came to tow her car (since she couldn't see out of it) and he kept saying how he always knew that "you guys" had some divine protection, but then he said "but now I really believe. You should have died!" The paramedics said the same things. So God was definitely watching over me, and I definitely believe it. Hopefully he starts to "investigate" the Church now because of that! :)
My bike was suprisingly not that bad of condition! The front wheel was bent out of shape, but other than that it still rides pretty well. (I got a new wheel) Oh my watch broke but it's cool because it was the time of the accident haha :) I'll send that picture home too.
So yeah! That was my cool adventure for the week. :) Elder Judkins and I were joking around saying maybe this was the reason I was sent back to this area. So I could get hit and have someone converted after seeing it! ;)
The next morning I thought I was going to be really really sore because my knee was tight, my ankle hurt, my lower back right above the hip, my ribs, and my shoulder. But I prayed that I wouldn't be hurting or stiff, and when I woke up the next morning I was completely fine!! All I have/had was a little bruise on my left knee. (Which is strange, all those places that hurt were on the left side of my body, and she hit me from the right. So I'm thinking I was knocked out for a little bit when she hit me, then landed flat on my left side on the street. But I don't know. Like I said it all happened way too fast.

But something even more amazing happened! When we got home, Elder Judkins and I noticed some blood on my dress shirt. So I took it off, and there was some (obviously) on my undershirt* too. But when I took that off, there wasn't any wounds at all on my back. Just skin! So something miraculous must have happened there. I thought that was pretty amazing. :) 

On Sunday we had to give talks in sacrament meeting. TWENTY MINUTES EACH. That seemed so insane! So I definitely was praying pretty hard to fill up the time, haha. I ended exactly on time though, it was a mini miracle for me. I hadn't looked up at all the entire talk and when I did it was the time I needed to end! :) A lot of people came up to me afterwards and told me they really liked my talk. One lady said that she was trying to write down all the scriptures and references from Preach My Gospel that I used in my talk. She said "Your talk was really powerful. You really have the Spirit with you!" That was the best compliment I've probably ever gotten. :) 

Oh I saw Kimberly Carlson and her husband! That was pretty cool. We were out with a member for dinner, and she walked in haha. It was a little strange seeing someone I know but it was still a good experience. 

So Elder Judkins. He got trained by Elder Davidson, so since I'm finishing up his training I'm his "stepdad". But since Elder Davidson is MY step dad, that also makes us step brothers. hahaha missionary family trees are so jacked up. He's a really great missionary though. He knows his stuff, isn't afraid to talk to people, WE GET ALONG, and he's pretty laid back. So I think this transfer is going to go great. He's from Texas but he doesn't have the accent! I don't think we have a normal picture together, so you'll have to see him either next week or in the picture from thanksgiving.

Hope all is well!
Love ya :)

-Elder Wilson

 Look! I promise I'm okay mom ;)

 My bike tire

 The scene of the crime! hahaha. Look at that car! Told ya I got it back ;)

 Me getting into the ambulance to get checked out

 Time of the accident! But I think the minute hand moved a little because it was 9:04 
(We were teaching a lesson! Don't judge! Missionary Handbook pg#15)

My study table!

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