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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Oh the weather outside is WONDERFUL

This week was so awesome! IT SNOWED!! :D A lot, too. We were going to ride our bikes in it, but we decided that it was a little too icy and slippery to do that. The wind was also pretty chilly on bikes. So we've been walking the last few days. But I love the weather! We shoveled out our pathway from the door to the sidewalks and I realized that I actually like shoveling snow. Everyone says they hate it, so I'm pretty sure I will by the end of the winter, but as of right now I'm happy to do it.
We took Alonso to mutual with us, and he loved hanging out with all the people his age. I think he's meshing pretty well with them. He's a cool guy and a lot of the youth from the ward like him. 
We had zone specialized training on Thursday (no district meeting!! ;) ) and that was really good. We talked about how we need to invite everyone to be baptized, and to do it in the first lesson. I'm glad the zone leaders talked about it, because my district really needs to hear that. As missionaries, we're supposed to invite on the first lesson. How else will they know why we're here? Or what we/The Lord expects from them? Not that I'm saying that I'm perfect at it because I'm far from it, but still. We have to give the opportunity to everyone. Not everyone will accept, but you never know who is waiting to be invited and is too scared or doesn't realize it within themselves that they want that change in their lives. 
We finally got a hold of Sheri Martinez, who is a recent convert who fell off the face of the earth. She doesn't ever answer her door, haha. But we texted her and asked if we could introduce ourselves to her and her family, and she agreed! So we went over there and did it, and she's a really nice lady. She has a 10 year old daughter that she wants to have baptized, so we're going to be working with them. I hope we will be able to continue to get a hold of her, haha. 
I made a mini snow-man! I forgot to take a picture of him but good news: The snow is gonna be around for a while. ;) So I'll get a picture for next time! I typed up the lyrics for that song. So read them! And listen to the song, it's seriously powerful.

Behold the sign, The light of hope
At last, the King is born
As the prophets told
The star is come
And the angels sing for joy
Yet the dark of doubt confounds the day
How quickly blindness clouds the way
Then the mountains fell
The cities burned
Raging thunder rent the sky
What a mournful wail
Filled up the air
And the mist turned day to night
But the Father said:
Behold My Son, I am well pleased
Now hear ye Him.
The shadows flee
His quiet voice
Come see the light of hope descend
Be free of doubt and arise
Come touch his wounds
And fall at his feet
The lost reclaimed
Come see the light

Though slain he lives
The Lamb of God
Go touch the prints and know
Kneel at His feet
And worship Him,
For your soul He drank the cup
Hosana with one accord
Blessed the name, The Most High God
The shadows flee, His quiet voice,
Come see the light of hope descend
Be free of doubt and arise
Come touch His wounds
And fall at His feet,
The lost reclaimed
Come see the light
He is Alpha and Omega,
He is the light and life of the world
Build on His rock
And break the gates of hell
And then turn with Him
The shadows flee His quiet voice
Come see the light of hope descend
Be free of doubt and arise
Come touch His wounds
And fall at His feet
The lost reclaimed,
Come see the light
Come see the light

Come see the light.

Anyways, I hope all is well back home! I love you!
Elder Wilson

Ps sorry this letter is so short, I'm running outta time!

 This is my landlord, John Smith! The Christmas lights are coming up!!

It was snowing so hard! I love it! 

We looked out our window and saw this! We found the closet to Narnia.

So incredible! Yes I may be going overboard with the snow picture but hey I'm from California!

Veteran's day
Elder Wilson, Elder Tuiketei, Elder Bass, and Elder Shreeve. 
It got really washed out but I kind of like it!

Here's a regular one of us.

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