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Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Hello everyone! This week wasn't as exciting, but hey it still was a good week. :) Elder Judkins and I are working hard and have found people that are interested in learning more about the Church and Gospel. :) We have some great people. Elder Judkins and I get along really well which is awesome. We have a Christmas tree! It's white and very pretty looking with the blue Christmas lights we put on it. This week went by SO fast!

Elder Quesne (pronounced "cain") is my zone leader and he and I went on exchanges this week. I went over to his area. In the morning we went and did service for a new move-in down the street, and that was a lot of fun. They were tearing down their garage and hauling the cinder blocks into a dumpster they rented. Those are heavy! But it was a lot of fun (plus I got to work out which is ALWAYS a plus) throwing them from the truck into the dumpster. Don't worry dad, I lifted with my legs not my back! ;)

I also had my first district meeting here in midvale with my new district. There's a ton of people!! 4 senior couples, and 10 younger missionaries. Elder Judkins and I, Elders Mo'unga, Dean, Haught, Wood, and Sisters Despain, Norman, Osborn, and Guerrero! Crazyy. But district meeting was a lot of fun. I did an interactive thing where we all went into the gym and I had set up a maze of metal chairs and there was one comfy one. I blindfolded one person and had them try and find it without anyone helping them. (Impossible). Then with everyone telling them where to go, but only one person was actually guiding them. (a lot harder-especially when they don't know who it is). Then the last one was with only one person guiding them through. (very easy!) I related this to teaching with the Spirit. When we teach with the Spirit, we aren't lost and we know where to go. The first one was as if we hadn't prepared the lesson or we didn't have the Spirit with us somehow. It would be impossible to teach the lesson. The next was if we were fighting the Spirit telling us the things we need to teach them and how we need to teach them with our own thoughts. It would be way too confusing both to us and the person with us. The last one was if we rely on the Spirit to teach, it would be much better and way more clear of a message. They seemed to like that a lot! (Especially the second one where everyone was yelling at them hahaha). So that was good. I think this is going to be a good transfer!

I've taught Elder Judkins how to do the rubik's cube and he picked it up pretty well! We even teach with them in a lesson to little kids. :) But I beat my time while riding today, I'm down to 1:24 now! I was riding and solving it at the same time haha it was pretty fun. (Don't worry, I was in a neighborhood and I was watching for cars!!)

It's beginning to feel like Christmas around here! Except we're still waiting on the snow. It was supposed to snow yesterday but it never did! I want it to snow soon. Hopefully I didn't just jinx myself. There's that spirit in the air when you know it's getting closer to Christmas. Everyone's happy, people don't turn away from you as much when you try and talk to them, it's just better!

Anyways, I love all of you! Hope it's going well.
Elder Wilson

Look at this tasty delight we found in our fridge.

My district! From left to right: Elder Judkins, me, E. Wood, E. Mo'unga, E. Dean, Sister Norman, E. Haught, Sister Despain, E. Moore, Sister Moore, Sister Guerrero, Sister Osborn, Sister Herald, E. Herald!

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