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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Back To My Roots

So transfers came again, and I'm getting the boot. BUT I'M GOING BACK TO MIDVALE. The same area even! Where I was with Elder Davidson. I'm with his son and I'm finishing training. My new address is
6748 Hollowdale Drive
Cottonwood Heights, Utah 84121

So this week is HOPEFULLY not going to be totally crazy and jumbled. There are a lot of other missionaries in here and so it's hard to concentrate. But Alonso had a really good lesson with us! We showed up at his house and he was having a bad day. He eventually let us in, and we asked him if he wanted to read the Book of Mormon. He said sure, and then at the end he was really peaceful and calm! He said he had a good feeling inside so I explained that it was the Spirit telling him that was he was reading was true. He said that makes sense and he knew it was true too :) Turns out he had been praying to get more calm and to get in a better mood, and we showed up a few minutes later! It was awesome. 

There was a girl that texted us the other day this week, and she had some questions about the Church and the Gospel and things like that. She asked a few more questions  and so we asked her if she has her own copy of the Book of Mormon. She didn't, so I wrote my testimony in one and highlighted some of the key scriptures like the first and last two paragraphs in the intro, and Moroni 10: 3-5. We also gave her some of the pamphlets  :) Her friend Riley met us because Alexa is too afraid to because of her parents. So I hope that progresses while I'm gone. And Alonso too!!

Alright well I have to go now, I promise I'll try and make next week longer!! 

I love you! :)
-Elder Wilson

 This is the Walmart that we shop at. People are HUGE U fans out here!


Elder Bass and I

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