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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Temple Square! ..and Spiders!

On Tuesday we went upstairs to eat breakfast with the Landlord's
because they always fix us a nice breakfast on P-days. Then we did
laundry and went to teach Elmer. SUPER SOLID. This was the best lesson
we've had because he was still pumped about the answer to the blessing
on last Monday. Then we went and emailed, and shopped for things we
needed. We played an intense game of basketball, that was fun. The
Simpsons and some other people from the ward and this missionary who
came back home from the MTC. Then we went to dinner at Sister Ralph's
mom's! (Janet Ralph from my home stake back home). That was pretty
sweet. They're really nice.

On Wednesday we helped a lady down the street from us move. That took
about an hour, then we went and taught Elmer. We taught him about the
Sabbath day and why we need to keep it holy. And about tithing and
fast offerings. He had no problems with any of them, and was actually
excited to keep them! He's so awesome. I wish everyone reading this
could be able to meet him!! Then we went to Elder Harvey's apartment
to do splits again and I had to stay there so I didn't get a chance to
do anything. After that we went to dinner which was really really
good, then went to sister Greenwood's where we found Abby. The 3 of us
(plus a young woman from her ward and her fiance), so really the 5 of
us went to Abby's house to teach her again. But the dad answered and
said to not ever come again and accused us of some false things. Very
not receptive. Haha. It's always so sad. That's the WORST thing about
my mission, or missions in general I've found. When you as a
missionary have something so precious and so so soo many people just
regard it as nothing and shrug it off. If they would just LISTEN to us
and test the Gospel out, they would see it in their lives bless them
so much! It's disappointing. But not discouraging, don't worry! ;)

Thursday August 2nd! We had zone meeting, which went well and then we
came home and cleaned up our apartment in case President Moffat came
because he wanted to go to a lesson with us. Turns out the lady
canceled, so he didn't come. We taught Nick, and he agreed to be
baptized August 11th! We interviewed him and everything that night, so
that was cool to see him finally progressing. For so long he has just
been spinning his wheels. (This is Nick the homeless guy.)

On Friday we met Elmer, and we went to temple square! It was a very
peaceful and awesome place. We took a tour of the visitor's center,
the tabernacle where general conference used to be, and went through
the place with all the artifacts from the early church history. There
were two sister missionaries that gave us the tour, but they were
pretty bad. Haha. They knew the information well, but they weren't
talkative at all. Elmer was and IS super solid though, so that's a
relief. Otherwise I might have been worried! Then as we were walking
back to the car, I saw Natalie Savage! She's a missionary at temple
square I guess. So we got a picture together for proof. After that we
went out to eat at this Greek food place, that was cool. I had a gyro
(I think that's how you spell it) but it's pronounced like the
currency in Europe-the euro. After that we came home and helped an old
lady move and she gave us an old shirt for us to wear so that we
didn't get our white dress shirts dirty. I kept it! Haha she gave it
to me don't worry. It's plaid but it's pink and yellow, and personally
I think it looks pretty good on me! ;) Elder Conley got one too. That
lady is really nice. Her husband died around 45 years ago but she's
holding up well. And we found out that because we came over she came
to church again! :) We went to dinner at our Landlord's son's house.
There's an upstairs, a main floor, and two basements!! The stairs go
down and there's a typical basement, but then after that there's
another basement and there's a racquetball court down there! Or a
volleyball court, or a basketball court. So cool!
Then we stopped by a referral we had gotten, and it's this 22 year old
girl who has been reading Preach My Gospel! She's interested and wants
to learn more, but doesn't really have a testimony of God or Jesus
because she can't see them. Faith! That's what we were teaching her.

On Saturday we taught Elmer Mirza at the church. We watched the
restoration movie, but it was the really old one hahaha. 1978! Then he
had his interview for baptism. Elder Conley and I went with Elders
Harvey and Aveiro his companion to Arctic Circle to eat lunch. I got a
bomb pastrami burger. Then we went around trying to find new people to
teach. We knocked on member's doors to see if they had any people they
knew that would be willing to hear about the Gospel. Then dinner, then
to a lesson with Aubry Hock that 22 year old. She came to church last
week and was really touched by the Spirit so she wanted to have us
come over and teach her. Like I said earlier she's been reading Preach
My Gospel, but has a ton of questions so we answered them. Elder
Conley and I bore our testimonies, and the Spirit was SO strong. It
felt like my chest was on fire! I love feeling the Spirit so strongly.

On Sunday we had meetings, then church, then meetings, then church
forever. Sundays are so long! Hah. But today was fast and testimony
day so that was good. I bore my testimony in the 1st and 5th wards. I
felt the Spirit soo strongly it was awesome! I prayed that I would the
night before and I did! I love that when I've been feeling it lately
it's literally like my chest is on fire. Elder Conley doesn't seem to
believe me when I say that I feel the Spirit like that, which really
sucks (stinks, my bad) because it feels so good! Anyways, so we met a
new potential investigator named Daniel. He's a Latino or Hispanic
guy, but doesn't speak any Spanish hahaha. But we met him AT CHURCH.
He said he was curious about the Mormons so he came. We have an
appointment with him tomorrow. Then we had dinner with a ton of
people! One big family. But they were way legit and funny. :)

Yesterday (Monday) we did our normal morning routine of working out,
eating breakfast and studying, then went and taught Elmer. This time
we showed him the more modern restoration DVD made in 2004. It's super
good, I recommend it to anyone and everyone. He thought it was really
good too. Then we went around trying to find people to teach which was
not very successful. Two of our appointments fell through because they
were shady, but the last one she was there so that's good! Her and her
daughter and niece were there so we found 3 new ones! Pretty cool. :)

So overall it was a pretty good week! Temple square was beautiful. And
a lot of fun with Elmer!

The Elder Wilson.

 This was a rug at a member's home, completely hand sewn!

 The gang in the visitor's center! Plus the two sister missionaries.

The Tabernacle

Elder Conley, Elmer and I in front of the Salt Lake City Temple! 

 The Man! (And Elmer)

A pretty shot of the Temple

 They're doing construction or renovation on the Temple

 The man that carved this was incredible! John Rowe Moyle.

Another beautiful shot!

 A Scottish bagpipe player!

Joseph Smith getting the Melchizedek Priesthood 

And the Aaronic Priesthood

  Service... DONE!

Sister Cooney

 This was the LONGEST sacrament meeting ever! (Look at the times)

 We found a newspaper from 2 days after my birthday!

The movies that were coming out during my birthday. 
So crazy! (Mightneed to zoom in)

We got these sticky pads that attract the spiders and then they
stick to the pad so they can't get off. WE GOT 66 SPIDERS!

I can solve the rubik's cube in 1 minute 47 seconds!

This is proof that we met Natalie Savage! Super cool.

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