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Thursday, August 23, 2012

It's been a week already?

So last Tuesday after emailing, we went to the mall to meet up with
Elder Davidson. He's had a package AND a letter for me for 2 WEEKS.
Anyways then we taught Oscar which was weird because he said he prays
for the Devil to come so he can “fight” him. There was such an evil
presence there. Elder Conley and I both felt it. I won't go into
details since there was some crazy stuff that happened, but we both
got out of there pretty fast, haha.
Then we went around trying to find people by going to the part member
list and trying to find people that weren't members that would be
interested in learning more. Sister Veith wanted to get a blessing
because she was throwing up for 4 days.

I can't believe it's already halfway through August! On Wednesday we
had a meeting at the mission home for all the missionaries. It was
pretty far away, so we got a ride. Turns out we were supposed to bike,
haha. There were a ton of bikes there. The meeting was really good, we
learned about how we need to know preach my gospel really well and how
to do companion study. The rest of the day we just basically tried to
find people, but with no success. We did find this guy named Jake
Smith who wants us to stop by and give them the lessons and he said he
had a 15 year old boy that might be interested in the church so that
was cool. :)

We got a call from the Assistants on Thursday saying that they were
coming over! They ended up talking about how it's important that we
need to invite everyone we teach to be baptized. They were going
around to everyone saying that. But we need to do as well. We had
district meeting after that which went well. We did service for
brother Simpson, which consisted of us helping him tear up his front
yard so he could put grass in. That took an hour and half. After that,
a guy named KB who's going to college in a week came out with us, and
we went to the condos. Unproductive. Haha. Dinner was good though, and
after dinner we taught a family and that went well. At 8 we taught
Aubry. She's improving!! She still had questions for us, but they were
questions about not understanding the scriptures! Not deep doctrine
questions that just make her even more confused. She's been reading
and praying! :)

On Friday we noticed that our sink was flooding. BUT before you jump
to conclusions since I know you will, we scrape off our food into the
garbage before we wash our dishes. ;) So we told John Smith our
landlord, and he came down and tried to fix it. First he tried using a
jagged tool sticking it down the pipe, but then he tried using a
plunger! Haha. That didn't work either. Then when he put a bucket
under the sink to catch the water, it overfilled and was spraying
everywhere hahaha. He ended up having to call the plumbers, which told
him that it would cost $500 to fix! Outrageous, but he didn't compare
or try and talk them down any. Anyways, we went out and tried to find
people, and then came back home so Jeremy could pick us up. He drove
us to the Condos where we tracted, unsuccessfully. But then we had
dinner! Pizza :) I haven't had pizza in a while! We got a lot of
referrals from there though, and they own property up in Idaho! 8
acres for $17,000. He built roads, his own trailers, a cabin, so many
things! My dad would be his best friend, haha. :) We started exchanges
with Elder Harvey and Elder Aveiro on Friday night, too. They're
Spanish speaking and I went over there.

Elder Aveiro (I think I've already told you about him) is from around
England, so he has an English accent. But since he speaks Spanish, I'm
sure it sounds pretty interesting to the natives! We woke up and
exercised, (he was still wearing his silk pajamas hahaha) and then we
studied. I ordered a mini PMG online which is so cool! (From LDS.org,
so don't start your judging, haha.) Then he did language study for an
hour which consisted of me sitting there trying my best to understand
what he was saying. He and I then went out to a lesson that we had,
but the guy had moved and Elder Aveiro didn't know where he lives now.
So we tracted around there, with no luck. I had to ride Elder Harvey's
bike, and his legs are so much shorter than mine, so after I had
raised up the seat the handlebars were really low. So I had to lean
way over. When we were riding around, we saw Elder Conley and Harvey
stopping at a house, so we waited until they went inside. When they
did I rode up, laid his bike down, hopped on mine, and rode off
hahaha. Elder Harvey doesn't get letters, so I wrote him one and
pretended to be a girl from his hometown in Texas. It was a pretty
good day. Except I couldn't understand the lessons we taught! So I
would sit there and smile, say gracias if they gave us water, and use
my limited Spanish from high school to understand the questions they
asked me. :)

Sunday we had the usual long church, but two of the people that we're
teaching came to church! Crazy Mike, and Jo Little. (That's Jo's real
name) Mike is getting off drugs/smoking, so he's always tripping out
haha. But anyways, once we got out of our meetings, we went to dinner.
The family was really funny and they cooked a really good dinner. Then
we went to teach Aubry, but we went to a fireside with her instead. It
was so good! President Shulte the stake president talked at it. It was
about the restoration and how we can relate it to our lives. It was a
really well put together talk. He related Joseph Smith's first vision
and leading up to it, and picked little things out of JSH that I had
never even noticed before. If you have the chance, read it! I can tell
it really hit Aubry.

Yesterday we had a lot of people to stop by! We got 26 referrals for
people to stop by that members said might be interested in us coming
by. We taught Elmer in the morning (Well watched some Mormon Messages
from a DVD that we have), and after wards we went around trying to
contact everyone. We stopped by house where it's the grandma, her
granddaughter, and he daughter. So I'll say names to be less
confusing. Lynn Ryan is the grandma, her granddaughter Miranda, and
Miranda's daughter Mackenzie. Mackenzie is 9, so we taught her and the
family the restoration, and she accepted a date to be baptized! Then
later on we went to stop by and teach Jake's son. We taught them the
teabag lesson which is an interactive object lesson that kids really

This week went by so fast! I don't know about you but it feels like it
was just P-day.

-Elder Wilson
Our district! Plus our zone leaders. Left to right! Elder and Sister
Lauritzen the senior missionaries, Sister Veith, Elder Aveiro, Sister
Brush, Sister Paongo, Elder Harvey, Elder Quesne, Sister Young, Elder
Redd, Elder Conley, and I! 

 A funny text from Elmer! He went to the single's ward for the first
time, so we asked him how it went. :)

Elder Conley's "young money", he sold his bike.

 An AMAZING car that I found. Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution!

Beware of the Ligers... hahaha I couldn't help but think of Napoleon Dynamite!

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