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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

August is OVER?

So transfers are tomorrow, and I found out that Elder Conley is
getting transferred to an area called Little Cottonwood in Murray. So
that was sad.
Andd I found out that I'm becoming District Leader! And I'm finishing
up the training of an Elder. His name is Elder Bloomfield. I haven't
met him yet, but I'll let you know in the next email.

Last Tuesday we did laundry, emailed and went shopping. I got TWO cans
of beans since I love them soo much. :) Then at 6 we taught Oscar
Sanchez, but we wanted to teach him in the church so nothing crazy
would happen. He was a little scatter brained and got off topic
easily, but he received it pretty well. Then we taught Aubry Hock.
She's progressing. We clarified a few scriptures for her that she had
questions about. I really like doing that because it increases my
knowledge about the scriptures! When you teach people about things you
learn them better yourself. After we read the scriptures we watched
the Mormon messages DVD, which is soo good. A video on there really
hit home with her, she almost started crying! So her faith is getting
stronger. :)

Wednesday we taught Elmer. He's still going great! He attended the
single's ward and loved it. He went to a family home evening thing
that they were holding. He even went on a date this week. After that
we went to leatherby's for lunch. A little boy walked up to us and
said it's my birthday, and for my present I want to pay for you. How
cute is that? We taught Mackenzie that 9 year old, the Plan of
Salvation. She understood it pretty well. She's never been to church
in her life so she doesn't have any knowledge of things. After
Mackenzie we went around and tracted/contacted referrals and we got a
few really good contacts. Then we taught the Andrus family. They have
a little Autistic girl, she's so cute!

On Thursday we were riding our bikes to go tracting, and the light for
us to cross the crosswalk wasn't lit. (The hand was up). So I started
to stop, and Elder Conley was flying, so he tried to get out of the
way but didn't, and clipped my tire. He crashed, breaking the derailer
on his bike. But he didn't get hurt! So that's good. We took his bike
in to get repaired, and mine to have the shop true my tire. It's
pretty wobbly. Then we went to district meeting which went pretty
well. After that we went on splits with Elder Harvey and Aveiro
because Harvey was sick. I stayed with Harvey while Elder Conley went
out with Aveiro. He and I talked and he's a really cool guy. During
this transfers they're making a whole zone just for Spanish speaking
Elders, so he won't be in my district anymore. He goes home next
transfer. Luckily I haven't gotten sick yet! (Knock on wood)

I can't believe it's already September already! On Friday we had a
mission-wide meeting that took the place of our companion study. That
went really well, he showed us some really great stories from the
scriptures and showed us some really inspirational scriptures. I love
President Moffat! He's such a good mission president. He knows so much
about the scriptures and everything about missionary work. I can tell
that I;m going to learn a lot being here with him. I have a few really
good quotes that I want to share with you. They're from a book that I
found while I was at Elder Harvey's apartment. “This inspiring book
was never tampered with by unauthorized translators or biased
theologians but comes to the world pure and direct from the historian
abridges. The book is not on trial- it's readers are.” This is talking
about the Book of Mormon, obviously. Another good quote was “It is the
word of God. It is a powerful second witness of Christ. And,
certainly, all true believers who love the Redeemer will welcome this
additional evidence of His divinity.” :)
Here's another quote that I saw on our landlord's fridge. “The issue
for us is trusting God enough to trust also His timing. If we can
truly believe He has our welfare at heart, may we not let His plans
unfold as He thinks best?” -Neil A. Maxwell. The Lord is in control!
If we let Him guide our lives and trust that anything and everything
we go through is for our good, then we'll be a lot happier throughout
life and will be able to have the eternal perspective that we all need
to have.
After the mission conference, we came home and did weekly planning and
companion inventory. Comp inventory is where you discuss with each
other their strengths, and what they need to work on. Then we taught
Mackenzie, and picked up 2 potentials.

Saturday morning we went to Sister Estes house to see if she knew
anyone that we could teach since she's the Relief Society President.
Then we taught Elmer at his house and watched a general conference
talk from a DVD of the latest general conference that Elder Conley
bought. That went well, and when we were at lunch afterward we met a
guy named Joseph, and he's getting the lessons over in West Jordan. He
seems really really cool. Then we taught Mackenzie Michael and he dad
was there so we met him. He and the mom are divorced, but he was
staying at their house for the weekend for some reason. He's less
active but is wanting to come back so that's really good. It'll
benefit him with us coming over as well as Mackenzie. After that we
had to do splits with Elders Harvey and Aveiro again so it wasn't
super productive for me at least. (I went out with Aveiro so I was
stuck in the language barrier again.)

Church went by really fast on Sunday. Most likely because I prayed to
get something out of church so I was able to focus a lot better
because of it. Mackenzie didn't come to church, her dad said she
didn't have a dress to wear. I tried to explain that she doesn't need
to wear a dress to church, but then he said they were in Park City
shopping. So she has to move her baptismal date back to September
29th. After church we went to dinner and then we went to the Young
Women President's house to see if she knew anyone that would benefit
from us teaching them. She gave us a few but we already had some of
them. Then we stopped by Mackenzie's house and taught a quick lesson
to her. She's really excited to learn and be baptized, so it's a shame
that she couldn't come to church. :/

Love, Elder Wilson

  A bunch of sunflowers!

Okay I know I promised I wouldn't talk about food as much 
but this was really really good pizza!! hahaha. 

This signpost always makes me laugh.

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