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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

August 14, 2012

Last P-day we went to go email and do the regular P-day things, and
then we went and played basketball at the stake center for about 3
hours long so my feet were very tired at the end of the day. After
that we went to dinner because one of the sisters volunteered to cook
for us (the entire district, not just Conley and I! ;) ) So that was
cool. Then we went to our lesson that we had with Sheri Snyder, but
her daughter and niece weren't there. After we taught her we went to
the park to try and find Nick but with no success. Then we went to the
Warnick's house, which is a member house where the mom and dad knew
each other growing up and eventually got married! They're pretty cool.

Wednesday is the most depressing day! It's a whole week until P-day
again hahaha. It was SO HOT this week! It was 102 a couple of days
this week! I probably sweated about 5 pounds. There was also a huge
fire. The smoke from it blocked out the sun so it cooled off a little
bit. We weren't super successful in finding new people to teach, but
Jordan Simpson came out with us again so that was cool. There's a
place that gives out free pie if you buy something so we bought a soda
haha :) Hey, being frugal is a good thing right?

On Thursday we went and this guy named Jeremy Lance who is leaving for
a mission in October came out with us. We went to Elmer's place and
watched a video about Jesus Christ and the miracles He performed. Then
we had lunch at Jeremy's house. He had some home-made salad he made.
It had garlic, cloves, wheat, cucumbers, tomatoes, and some other
weird things. I'm not a picky eater, but that was just plain weird.
Hahaha. The garlic was super strong! Then we also ate at this thai
restaurant, and we had these really gross coconut drinks. There was
stuff floating in it!! I almost gagged. I emailed a picture of it.
Anyways so after that we had district meeting, and that went really
well. We had dinner at our house and then went over to Daniel's house
(that guy that came to church randomly) but he just wants welfare from
the church. Shady. Then we taught Aubry, but she had 2 pages of
questions for us so that went well. Then we taught Brittany and her
cousin Kristin.

On Friday we woke up and went to the stake center to play basketball
with our district and zone leaders. But the only people that ended up
showing up were Elder Conley/I, and the four sister missionaries.
Elder Harvey was too lazy and the Zone leaders were going to but for
some reason never showed up. Lame. So we all played basketball then
took a picture. After that we came home, studied, taught Elmer and
went around trying to find people. Nick was shady as heck so we got an
appointment with him and met him at this house at this house I guess
he's staying at. Then that Jeremy Lance guy came out with us again,
and then he went home. (he only came out for about an hour or two). We
taught Aubry Hock again, and that went.. well. We watched finding
faith in Christ (which she needs to do for herself, find faith in
Christ) but she didn't get anything out of it. Then we answered all
her questions (2 more pages of questions), which she never fully felt
like they were answered. Even though we were explaining everything
perfectly simple and to the extent that she or anyone should be able
to understand them. It's frustrating because she doesn't take things
seriously, but she wants to have her questions answered. God doesn't
work that way!! We have to work for our answers, and prove that we
really want to get an answer. He doesn't just give us things, we would
take Him for granted.

Saturday was a lot better. :) Well for the most part haha. We woke up
and went straight to the church to set up for the baptisms that we
were having. Nick and Elmer were getting baptized. So we set up the
baptismal font, and then went to go pick up Nick. We called him
beforehand, and when he answered he was like “I don't feel good. Call
me when I feel better.” What the heck? How are we supposed to know
when that is? Haha. So we just went over there to where he's staying.
(In a tent in the backyard of a lady, a step up from the park at
least!) We walked in the gate, and the tent was unzipped so we saw him
sleeping. I called his name after Elder Conley and I were silently
arguing who was going to wake him up. He rolled over, and flipped out!
“Who let you in here?? Why did you just walk into my house? Would you
just walk into someone's house if it were open?” I looked at Elder
Conley and he was trying his hardest not to start laughing. After he
finally got up, he lit a cigarette and started smoking! One of the
stake president's counselors was in the car waiting for us! So he saw
the whole thing. It was all bad. So needless to say, he did not get
Elmer's baptism was really good though! :) He had so many people
there! We set up 70 chairs, and all but about 10 were filled! The
Spirit was really strong too. The guy who was supposed to give the
talk on the Holy Ghost wasn't there, so I scrambled to get the talk
together. I finally got my thoughts together as the time came to go
up, so when they called his name I paused just in case he was there.
Right when I was standing up he stood up! Perfect timing. But his talk
was really jumbled. It was about 20 minutes long, and he talked about
the atonement, then baptism, then the Holy Ghost, then back to the
atonement. It was kind of odd, haha. But the baptism overall was
really amazing.

On Sunday we had a meeting at 7am! So we woke up at 6, got ready and
left. We didn't end up getting home until 5pm! Elmer got confirmed at
church which was really good. His dad gave him the confirmation. Then
we went to the usual meetings and when we were done we went home to
change out of our suits and went to dinner. Dinner was at the Wirfs'!
That means a BBQ! Brother Wirfs loves to barbecue. And he's really
good at it, too. We were fasting so that was the perfect meal to end
our fast.

Monday we woke up and played basketball with the district. After that
we came back to our apartment and did studies. After studies we went
out to eat with the Sharps!! They picked us up and we went to an
Italian restaurant. It was really good! Davin still wanted to sit by
me haha :) Then they gave us a ton of York mints! I love those. So
that started the day off really well. After that we went around trying
to find people, but it didn't really work very well because nobody is
home from 1-4. We had dinner at the Jackson's, who has a daughter in
my stake back home! (Sister Janet Ralph) They're a fun couple. The
husband looks like an older version of Paul Blart in mall cop, or king
of queens! Hahaha :)

Thank you everyone for all the support you give me! It means a lot. :)
I love you all!

Love, Elder Wilson.

P.S. Beans? Yeah, I love 'em. :)

A funny statue that was in the restaurant! 

 Do you see the floating things in it??

Roasted Coconut Juice. Wouldn't strongly recommend it.

 A cool picture of Jesus, but this version is colored. 
My camera has a setting that can make it so only red pops out.

 Elmer's baptism!

 Every one of these chairs PLUS 3 rows MINUS 10 chairs= 60 people
attending his baptism

Look at the fire! Freaking crazy. This was before it blocked out the sun.

 The district playing basketball!

 John Smith, in the flesh.

Elmer, his dad, Elder Conley and I!

The trio!

Elmer, Elder Wilson and The Savior!

Us messing around, having fun!

A pose that apparently all the old Apostles used to do. haha.

 A crazy house that's in our area! An IGLOO! hahahaha.

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