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Tuesday, July 31, 2012


So, if you are the type to read just a few lines when emails are long,
skip to Monday because it's crazy awesome what happened. BUT if you
want to read the rest, I promise it's good too. ;)

So this week was super crazy awesome. I'll start off with Tuesday
which was last P-day. Pioneer day! It's bigger here than the Fourth of
July is. Haha. We met with Elmer Mirza (that super solid Pakistani
guy) at 10am on our P-day. We read from the Book of Mormon with him.
After that we went to the stake center to email. We got picked up by
this guy to go to the mall. We walked out there, and he has a Mercedes
convertible. Unfortunately it was raining. I get in the back seat, and
when they pushed the seat back for Elder Conley to get in, there was 4
inches of room. Literally haha. So I sat completely sideways in the
back, with no seat belt to be found anywhere. He couldn't put the top
up because we would be hitting our heads on the roof. So we were just
casually driving down the road, me scrunching down as far as I can,
getting soaked. Haha. I was above the edge of the windshield so the
rain was pelting me in the face.

Then we did P-day activities and had dinner at the huge Samoan
festival going on. They love missionaries so they would all walk up to
us and say Elders, have you had dinner yet? Have some food! That night
we sat on a hill outside our house and watched the fireworks
throughout the valley. It was pretty cool.

Wednesday we had zone conference which took forever as usual, but it
was really really beneficial. We learned how we can help our
investigators keep their commitments and how to keep them progressing.
We stopped by Mickey to see how he was doing, and he said that he
wants to be baptized! He didn't accept a date though, because his wife
won't allow him to be baptized. :/

Thursday we had to go on splits with our district leader because his
companion fell off a truck when they were doing service and broke his
wrist/ankle. Either I or Elder Conley would stay at their home with
his cripple comp, while the other would go out with Elder Harvey (the
DL). We stopped by and saw Nick and Elmer though, so that was good. I

Friday Elmer invited us over for lunch. He fixed us Pakistani food! It
was really good. Then we went out with Elder Harvey again, and this
time it was me who went out on splits. We covered his area this time,
and since he's Spanish-speaking, all I could do was stand there, say
hola, then gracias if they gave us water. Then adios as we were
leaving hahaha. PS Elder Harvey almost crashed three times on his
bike. Haha :) We taught Nick the homeless guy which at first was
horrible because he is always so sporadic and not focused, but towards
the end we invited the Spirit by teaching doctrine (that and singing
hymns invite the Spirit so fast!). He got really quiet and said he'd
read the Book of Mormon and the section we asked. You could really
tell he had the desire to.

Saturday we took our current investigators to baptisms from our old
areas. Elmer went with us to one of Elder Conley's old areas'
baptisms. That one was really spiritual and he got a lot out of it.
You could tell he felt the Spirit very strongly. Afterwards he was
going around meeting everyone and inviting him to his baptism! It was
really awesome :) Then we went to Dominic and Sonya's baptism. THEY
GOT BAPTIZED! :) And married! Elder Davidson baptized both of them.
They looked so happy! They held hands and put their heads against each
other, it was really cute. We took Nick to that one. Then we taught
Russ and Mickey Howell that night, and Russ was a lot more open to us
this time and not in a bashing mood.

Sunday was crazy long. We had a meeting at 8 in the morning, and had
church from then until 6PM. 3 sacraments meetings, a ward baptism, and
2 correlation meetings. But on the bright side, Nick, Elmer and Joe
went to church! Joe is a less active member that we're working with.
Nick talked to a welfare specialist who is in our ward, so hopefully
he'll be going down there to welfare square and getting a job. The
baptism went well, it was for a guy who was ex-communicated and
getting re-baptized. That was cool. The wife isn't a member so we
tried to get to know her a little bit, but it didn't work out too
well. Then we had dinner which was pretty good, and went to the
Simpsons' for desert. They are a pretty cool family. There's a guy who
is our age, 19, and is preparing a for a mission. We suggested coming
out with us for a day and he actually seemed pretty interested!

Monday. Holy wow. We went out with Jordan, and it was seriously the
PERFECT day for him to come out with us. There were SO many miracles
that happened! So Sunday night I prayed that when he came out with us
it would be good for him and give him the desire to go on a mission.
It was answered!! :) First off, he came over and studied with us. Then
we went out and taught Elmer. That went really well! After the lesson
with him, he was seeming a little quiet and troubled, so I asked what
was wrong. He told us that he thought he might have to push back his
baptism date a little because he was stressed out. He might have to
take on a second job to keep up with house payments. They were behind
about 5 months. We gave him a blessing of comfort and in it, promised
that all his financial problems will cease if he has faith and
continues on the path to baptism. He thanked us, and we left. 20
minutes later when we were at lunch he texted us and asked if he could
call. So I said yes of course, call now! He told us that he got a
package in the mail from his bank and that they forgave him all his
debts and that they wouldn't have to refinance their house. He was so
touched by the Spirit, and was saying This is such a testimony
builder! and The Priesthood is real! Blessings really work! So
crazy awesome. Then after that we went and stopped by Sister Greenwood
and she told us that she was just trying to look up our number to tell
us something but she wasn't able to find our number anywhere and
that's when we knocked on her door. There's no coincidences in
missionary work, only miracles. :) We went around to houses in her
neighborhood for a while, and then went to this girl named Abby's
house. She was just pulling into her driveway when we were walking up.
So we asked if we could come inside and talk for a little bit. We
ended up teaching the first lesson, invited her to be baptized, and
she accepted! Freak. Then we went outside, checked our planners, and
we had just randomly planned to go by Abby at 4. It was EXACTLY 4 when
we got inside her house! The grandfather clock let us know about that.
Haha. Without even consciously thinking about it we went over exactly
as we planned to. We pray to be inspired as we plan for the days, so
that was another miracle. Then we saw the sisters, and we had given
Sister Veith a blessing because of her foot. She pulled a muscle
playing basketball. 2 days after we promised her a speedy recovery in
the blessing, her foot was healed completely! Then we stopped by a boy
named Gabriel Groves. He has such a sweet Spirit. He's 10, has autism,
and as a brain tumor. His doctors give him until he is 16 to live. :(
:( That made me cry a little yesterday. That's just too close to my
own personal life. :/ But anyways, we gave him a blessing along with
his younger brother and his mom. The mom told us that she was praying
that we'd stop by to be able to give them blessings. Miracle! Then we
went to an FHE (Family Home Evening). We've been there before, and
last time the wife asked us to give her a blessing that he foot and
leg would be healed. She got injured while they were on a hike. Turns
out, the foot was healed the exact same night. Then, to top it all
off, Jordan was ecstatic about going on a mission! Answer to my
prayer? YES. That was 7 miracles that we noticed. There's miracles
happening all around us, all the time. We just have to pray for them
and look for them in our lives. I love this gospel. Look up Mormon (in
the Book OF Mormon, ha) chapter 9 verse 15. ...God has not ceased to
be a God of miracles. I LOVE THAT SCRIPTURE.

When we were coming out of lunch today, we saw the Sharps!!! They were
taking Elder Weier and his new companion out to lunch haha. It's
always amazing to run into them or hear from them.

So hopefully that wasn't too long, but I really wanted to tell
everything that happened in my week!

Elder Wilson.

P.S. CONGRATULATIONS to Kyle Tracy for getting called to freaking
Australia!! That is so awesome.

 Dominic and Sonya's baptism!

 You know you're in Utah when the speaker's name in sacrament meeting
is Hyrum Smith.

 A text that we got from Elmer that gave us a smile!

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