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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

For lack of a better title...September!

Last P-day we played disk golf with a member in our area. He had some
disks that he let us borrow. Disc golf is basically like golf, but you
throw Frisbee into baskets instead of golf balls into holes. After
that, Elder Conley and I went and said bye to Elmer, Brother Vancott,
and the Warnicks. At the Warnicks, we did the spoonful of cinnamon
challenge. That's crazy! Don't ever try it. Then we came home and he
finished packing.

Wednesday was transfers. We put Elder Conley's things into the back of
a member's truck and drove him to his new area. Then we said goodbye
and I got my new companion, Elder Bloomfield. He's from Auburn,
California! Pretty lucky how I always get the ones that live close to
me. He's a really nice guy. Very quiet, but very nice. He's opened up
though which is really good :) We get along really well. We went
around trying to find people to teach by going through the referrals
we've gotten and also tracting. That was more or less productive. Then
I played a trick on him by going to the Warnicks and having brother
Warnick pretend to be a mean, non interested person. I stuck my foot
in the door as it was closing and said “I don't think you want to do
that. This message that we bring will benefit you and your family.”
Then he let us in! Elder Bloomfield was so shocked haha. (Elder Weier
and the Sharps did it to me so I had to return the favor! ;) )

On Thursday I had to go to a district leader training meeting which
was very informative. It also settled my worries about being a good
district leader. He talked about our responsibilities as a district
leader, how to do district meetings and call ins, etc. Then we tracted
around a little more, taught Mackenzie. After the lesson my tire was
completely flat so we walked over to the Simpson's to get a
patch/slime. It started RAINING! That felt so good. :) Elmer had to
cancel his appointment because his back was hurting, but we went by a
house that Elder Conley and I had been trying to get into for 6 weeks
and we actually got in! Elder Bloomfield and I set up an appointment
with him.

Teaching Mackenzie is pretty hectic because she has 3 siblings that
are all under five years old, but every time the Spirit starts coming
in, they sit down and are quiet. I love the Spirit! :) Then we taught
the guy in the house we've been trying to get into, Fred Johnson. He
talked for a while, but he's a really great guy. We saw Elmer again
finally, that was really good to teach him again. We taught him about
repentance. Then we went home, and Brady Simons picked us up to go to
Mackenzie's house. Brady Simons is a super amazing guy who is about to
do his mission papers. We taught her about repentance using the bowl
of water, putting sins in the water (pepper) then using Jesus Christ's
atonement (a drop of dish soap) to remove our sins. It's a pretty cool
representation especially for younger kids. Then we went to Temple
Square. It was Mackenzie, her mom, her great-grandma, Elder
Bloomfield, Brady, and I. It was an awesome experience. I can tell
that Mackenzie and her mom/grandma got a lot out if it which is what
it's all about. When we got back we helped Brother Simpson with his
yard. It started pouring at 6:30 so that was a little annoying. It
started hailing as well. We taught Oscar though, at the church. We
might drop him since he's still praying to see Satan.

Sunday was Elder Bloomfield's first 9 hour Sunday block on his
mission. I think he was pretty tired towards the end of it. I love
fast Sundays though, because that's when I get to bear my testimony. I
love feeling the Spirit! After church we got a few referrals from an
auxiliary leader so we contacted them. One didn't answer and the other
one was blatantly not interested.

We taught the Smiths again yesterday, and that went really well. Elder
Bloomfield jumped right in with the lesson, so that really helped it
move along well. He's a really good missionary. We taught them about
the Plan of Salvation, and they had a lot of really good insightful
questions about it.

Love, Elder Wilson.

 Our district the last day of transfers at leatherby's having a fun time!

 The Warnick kids, Elder Conley saying goodbye!

Miranda, Mackenzie, Lynn, Me, Brady, Elder Bloomfield. We did have
sister missionaries with us, I think the cameraman just cut them out.

 The Tabernacle!

 Elder Bloomfield and I

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