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Monday, July 2, 2012


So first things first: My new address is:
Elder Bryce Wilson
6748 Hallowdale Drive
Cottonwood Heights, UT  84121

NOT THE SOUTH MISSION HOME ADDRESS ANYMORE! I stayed in the new mission so the new policy is that the mail goes to our actual houses that we live in. It's probably gonna change every transfer so the mail is gonna be kind of craazyyy. In 3 weeks we have another transfer July 18th. If mail goes to the old address (The mission home or an old house) I'll still get it but it will take longer to get it because it will have to be forwarded to me where I would be living currently.

So transfers: We had transfers, and it turns out that I only transferred within my district. And I got companion named Elder Davidson!!! From my home stake!! Freaking legitimate. :) He's a little older, 23, but we get along really well. We have matching ties! So I included that picture. He and I like a lot of the same things, and he is seriously so spiritually strong. I'm learning so much from him already! He dominates in lessons (spiritually-- in a good way hahaha) and I feel bad when I interrupt him when he's teaching to say something that I feel inspired to say because I don't want to throw off his train of thought or the Spirit or anything! So that's something I'm trying to work on. he says he really doesn't mind when I chime in, and so that is my goal to be more talkative in lessons.
Speaking of lessons, we have been teaching a lot of inactives and trying to get them to come back to church and realize what they're missing. Elder Weier would always hate to teach the less actives because he said it was "a waste of time". That always really bugged me because we're out here for the Lord's work. I'm pretty sure that Jesus Christ would want to rescue his lost sheep that have gone astray. So I'm really glad that Elder Davidson has the same vision I do. To focus on the non members still, but to teach the less actives and help them improve their lives. We're still trying to find the non members, but it's hard to find them. We have 4 that we're teaching right now and always want to find more! This work is really really exciting.

Tuesday: I found out about transfers on tuesday, and that was a bummer to hear about. I wouldn't be with Elder Weier anymore, and I would be with Elder Davidson in Elder Davidson's area. Which means that I would be leaving the Sharps, Birdie, brother Haws, and all of the other amazing people in that stake. :( I'm going to send you some pictures of the Sharp family, and with their basement which is super crazy awesome. It's totally decked out in UVU stuff. they're die-hard fans haha. They're such a good family. they even gave me a tie with a Utah logo on it! (the utah utes haha). They have so much love for each other and everyone around them so it's really great to be with them and feel the spirit that's alwayss there. That's another thing. Since I've been out here as a missionary, I can tell which families and homes have the spirit in them just by walking into the room. It's seriously incredible.

Wednesday was transfers, and we were all moved and ready by 11 am in Elder Davidson's area, so he and I went out and started working! He's such a hard worker it's awesome. And he has the Spirit really strongly too! We had 4 lessons planned, but one of them fell through so we only were able to teach 3 that day. But every day has been a steady flow of lessons! The rest of the day we're either visiting people's homes asking for referrals to people that might want to hear about the gospel, OYMing, or contacting referrals that we had gotten previously. He's such a hard worker! We get along really well and flow well in lessons.

On thursday we had 4 lessons, and two of them were really really glad that we stopped by because the things we said really helped them in the struggles they were having in their lives at that time. That's so awesome to hear as a missionary!!! The only thing that Elder Davidson could improve on would be his confidence level at OYMing people. So usually I am the one that speaks up and introduces us. But I have to work on that too, having the confidence to talk to everyone that we pass. I really want to talk to everyone that we pass though because you never know who needs to hear the gospel, has been wanting to find it but doesn't know where, or just needs some comfort. The worst thing that's going to happen is that they will just ignore you or say they're not interested. That goes for you guys at home too! Talk to your friends about the gospel. Casually if you have to! When someone asks you about your weekend, TELL THEM ABOUT CHURCH don't just say what you did on Saturday! ;)

Elder Davidson and I play chess in our free time (lunch/dinner breaks and at night) and I've beaten him once! He's beaten me 4 times though haha. We had a South mission farewell on friday, where every missionary that was going to the new mission came and we had lunch, a meeting, and other things like that. We taught a lady named Kari, and her family. We had to "drop" her, or hand her off to the ward for fellowshipping, because we had taught them too many times already and she was a less active. So that was hard. Then we OYM'd, and went to another lesson. On our way there, our ride asked us if we ahd a dinner appointment and we didn't so he took us out to eat at McDonald's haha. So when we got to the lesson it turns out that that was a dinner appointment!! So we had to force down a second dinner haha. Then we taught the family but I wasn't able to say very much because Elder Davidson was saying everything that I was going to say! Literally!! The spirit was so awesome. It IS awesome.

On saturday he and I taught at a youth conference thing for the youth in the stake. We taught them how they can be examples to their friends. it could have been a little more smooth but it went pretty well. :) Afterwards we OYM'd, and found a family that needed help moving so we helped them out! They were really really thankful. It felt really good to help out :) They were inacvites but lived outside of our boundary, so hopefully they start coming back to church! I love planting little seeds of faith :) Then we stopped by some people and on the way someone stopped us and asked us to give them a blessing. Then we went to a person's house and it was just what she needed she said! :) then we went to the Leaupepe's house, and gave a guy a lesson there. he's trying to get over smoking but they're a really really really good family. And they're Samoan! :D

Elder Davidson had a dream about 4 years ago about a street with a bunch of trees lining it and in the dream he was trying to find something but could never find it. HE FOUND THE SAME EXACT STREET THAT WAS IN HIS DREAM. Out here on the mission. And back then he had no desire to even go on a mission, so it was super crazy. So we're going to go down that street and won't quit until we find the thing that he needs to find. Whether it be someone that needs or wants to hear the gospel or what we don't know. But that was really really cool. :)

 Elder Davidson and I with our matching ties haha :)

The little pins are missionaries' home towns. Look how many there are from my home town! 
Lincoln, Antelope, Rockling, Rio Linda, all around there. It's awesome! 

Elder Davidson got a bunch of these in a package hahahahaha.

Elder Davidson accidentally hit a mercedes! He flipped over his handlebars hahaha

How often are you going to see TWO stop signs??
Utah drivers are so crazy that they need to be reminded twice to stop I guess. ;)

The Sharp family- I'm going to miss them a ton.

Davin!! He's a future missionary hahaha :)

Their couches are even UVU! hahaha. It's awesome.

 A pillow from their couch haha :)

A signed football from the whole UVU team!

A panoramic shot of their basement :)

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