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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

May flowers bring...July showers??

So this week we randomly had a thunderstorm! It started raining like crazy. But I'll get to that later. :)

On tuesday we had a mission conference where we met our new mission president. President Moffat is pretty cool, but he's kind of strict. Which will be good, because that's what will keep me being a good missionary and keep me on track. I think I'm going to be okay with all the new rules and stuff but one is going to bug me. we're not allowed to go to the temple. what the crap? why?? There are 4 temples within 20 minutes of us. In the south mission we went once a transfer. Ugh. I love going to the temple. :/ But yeah so we did that meeting for about 4 hours, then elder davidson and I went around trying to find people. We found the street from his dream though which was awesome! I love this new mission don't get me wrong. Hopefully I'll be able to get over this soon! I'm starting to already. But I was reallyyyy looking forward to going through the Salt Lake City Temple. I'm so close to it! haha.

Happy fourth of July! On wednesday we went out to try and find new people to teach by OYMing and by contacting referrals. we're getting a lot better at OYMing! More confident I should say. We tell ourselves: this isn't our time, it's the Lord's. So we can't get in the way of His work. Shouldn't, rather. We have to extend the invitation to improve their lives to everyone, because we never know who is needing or wanting it. We talked to a guy we found through a referral, but he wasn't interested in religion at all. But we talked to his mom and thought she might be, so we set up an appointment to come back and see her. :) Then we went to a 4th of July block party to try and find new people (non-members). Turns out everyone we talked to was either not living in our area, or not interested. haha. So we went home and may or may not have blown up an apple! Elder Davidson may or may not have had a bunch of little fireworks. :) I may or may not have recorded it. :) aaaand it may or may not be too big to attach to this email. :)

On thursday we had interviews with President Moffat. Which took up from 1pm until about 5! Which really sucked because we had a ton of lessons planned and they all had to be rescheduled for later times. So after the interviews (which by the way I told him how I felt about not being able to go to the temple, and he basically said that I need to suck it up. In a little bit nicer of a way. ;) ) so after them, we went and saw Dominic and moved him up to the 28th of July. He seemed alright with it. He really has the desire to learn and do the right things. Also on thursday, IT RAINED. Poured, actually. may flowers bring July showers..? My back tire went flat TWICE to our ride to interviews this morning. So I was pumping it up in the rain, but we have to use a little basketball pump because that's all we have. So we had to pump that little thing like 100 times for it to inflate the tire. I couldn't tell if I was sweating or if it was the rain dripping down my face. haha. we also saw David Carr. he's a less active but he's a really great guy.

Friday we got our first letter to our new address! Except it was from the relief society president giving us the dinner appointment schedules. haha. :) So it doesn't really count. on friday we had 6 lessons lined up!! and 4 non members! But three fell through. :( W went to help move Landon Peck that 10 year old who is going to get baptized on July 28th, and his dad and his 16 year old sister mikael to their new house that took forever haha :) the 1 hour turned into 3, and that made our appointment have to cancel with a guy named Rich. :( He really needs to hear the gospel, he's pretty down. Then we went and saw West and Mandy, but they weren't home. Shocker haha. After that we went around to people we thought could benefit from hearing from us. We met a lady named Brenda Reece, and the Spirit when I saw her was just like "you need to go talk to her". So I walked up to her, and she said "I'm glad you two found me, I've been looking for you!" This church is true!! the gospel is true! The Holy Ghost really can guide us! :) There's also another really cool story that is kind of similar. It was yesterday (monday July 9th), and by the way it was really really weird not being able to wake up and have P-day. We woke up and were sad that we didn't have it! haha. we only had one lesson scheduled, and that was with a less active. He is soooooo awesome!! His name is James Mcreynolds. He's 20 and is really really chill. He's a good guy with a big heart. He told us that he had been starting to pray and ask for God to be more in his life and to give him direction. 8 days later, we knocked on his door :D ah! that is so so so cool. :)

Alright so back to the timeline. Saturday was a good day, but was kinda slow. We were able to teach a few lessons, and then we went over to the Macky's house for their son's birthday party and then they said to come at 3 for the food part. So we got there at 3:15, and the food didn't come until about 5:15! then we ate and had a lesson with Dominic at 6. Which he forgot about so we were about to walk home (my tire went flat again) but then we saw him walking back with his kids with groceries! He said he was really sorry he forgot and he told us he wanted to come to church! We didn't even bring it up! :) He's really cool. Then we went and OYM'd at the Springs apartment complex and helped out these guys with a really heavy bookshelf thing. Then we went to go see that lady Brenda Reece, and she wasn't home. :( So we went to our WML (Ward Mission Leader)'s home and talked to him about the new mission and what was happening with it and stuff.

Sunday was a crazyyy busy day. We tarted our day out at 7:45 by going to a meeting, and didn't end it until about 8:45! We had 4 lessons planned with non-members. Brenda, Dominic, West and Mandy, and Anna Gallardo (that mom that we thought might have been interested). Breanna is a member, but her daughter is not and she wants there to be. We taught them and put her daughter on date for August 11th, 2012. West and Mandy are super shady and flaky as poop so we couldn't teach them unfortunately. Dominic is the man. he came to church!! Elder Davidson gave him church clothes so he wouldn't feel too out of place. But he was getting involved in the lessons and church so that was pretty awesome. We had a lesson with him at 2pm and he agreed to get married! He's common-law married which means that he has been together with his girl for 7+ years (I think it really is around 12), so the state recognizes them as being unofficially married. He has to be married before he can get baptized, because of the law of chastity. He wants to follow Jesus Christ (So much in his life, and to be a good example to his kids and everything like that. He's had some bad things happen in his life but he's looking for work and has an interview with the bishop to see if he can get a job at deseret industries. That would be really really good for him. He's on date for the 28th of July. I think he'll make it :) Delmy Gallardo (anne is her first name but she goes by Delmy) is a 7th day adventist or however it's spelled. She let us come into her home, but that's about it hahaha. When we would teach her doctrine, she would combat it with mixed up doctrine from her church. It's frustrating when people aren't even open to hearing different sides or points. So at the end of the 1 1/2 hour lesson, she politely said that she doesn't want to hear from us anymore. The Lord still needs to prepare her I guess. :/
Continuing on Monday's day, after teaching James Mcreynolds, we went and tracted and went down the enchanted street. At the very end of the street we found a Bosnian family. They have a daughter around 17 probably, a grandma, and a mom/dad. They seemed like they might have potential interest about learning about the "Mormon" religion. maybe that's the reason that we're supposed to go down that street! :) We're going to keep trying though.We found a family who is less active, and they said that they want their son to be baptized!! So we set up and appointment with them. The mom isn't a member and she asked if we could give her a blessing. So we did. They're a good family :) Hopefully she;'ll want to get baptized as well! :)

I'm sorry this was such a long email!! there was a lot of stuff this week. haha. :) I love all of you! Happy early birthday Dad! You're the besttttt!! :)

Elder Wilson!
Boundaries of our new mission! :)

Replica of what Laban's sword would have looked like! 

One of our less active families had it and let us see it! 

And hold it! it was pretty heavy. haha :)

We can drink caffeine sodas now! Part of the new mission.
So we celebrated. ;)

There's some huge fires going on. All that is smoke, not a cloud

 If you've ever seen Diary of a Wimpy Kid, 
this piece of swiss cheese melting on the asphalt reminded me of it!!! hahahahaha.

No children!! haha.

Don't worry, we definitely are absolutely 100% mature every minute of every day. :)

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