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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

3 week transfer: Complete.

I can't believe it's been 3 weeks already with Elder Davidson! We got along so well and it's going to be sad leaving him. So my new area is going to be taylorsville, and my comp is going to be Elder Connely (spelling?). We haven't gotten the solid details yet, but the Zone Leaders called last night and told me my new area and companion but said they wouldn't know all the details until today. (Tuesday the 17th).

Okay so last tuesday we played rugby as a zone, and I broke my arm... well shattered it actually. haha. I'm in a sling right now and I might have to come home for it to heal. :/

JUST KIDDING :D but we did play rugby though! we're only allowed to play 2 hand touch, not tackle. I was surprisingly good! I really like it though. After zone we went home, changed back into pros clothing (the saddest part of P-day), and went to dinner. we had super tender ribs and a pretty good fruit salad. Some of the food I've had here have been questionable. Like one time we were tracting and this old guy let us in and had us try this weird drink called clamatoe juice. It's tomatoes juice mixed with clam juice. Yuck! haha he poured himself a glass, and said to kind of to himself "I think I'll have some myself". So when the glass was poured, Elder Davidson reached over and took it and drank it! He thought the old man had poured him a glass hahahaha. The old man was like well.. oh okay. haha Elder Davidson was embarrassed when I told him that later. Then this investigator we have gave us a taste of a smoothie he had just made. Mango, banana, strawberry, pineapple--that all sounds pretty good right? well he threw in Jalapenos!! It was really warm. he didn't put any ice in it haha. it was gross.

On Wednesday we went to go see Dominic. I guess he and his wife got in a fight, and long story short he's missing. :( we were praying this whole week that he will come back and they'll get back together. :/ We gave Sonya a blessing of comfort, and gave her a lesson basically, where we told her everything would be okay if she had faith. She also agreed to stop drinking (which is what influenced that fight), and to be baptized on August 4th!!

Thursday was a slower day at first. We had lunch as a district, (some really nice lady paid for us! :) ) Then Elder Weier taught our district meeting; stressing baptism as usual. haha ;) no it's important to remember we're ultimately here to baptize. I just love helping out those that need our help to get back! :) That's what the new mission is focusing on, too, which is way nice. Then we had dinner!  The Sharp family took us out to eat!! :) Elders Weier, Livingston, Davidson and I went to this really really good BBQ place and then had some really good pie as well. It was nice to be able to see them again. Davin still wanted to sit by me! haha :)
So I noticed today (not at dinner) that people everywhere gossip. So that means that people gossip about me! I used to worry what they would say about me, but I realized that if we're doing all that we're supposed to do, being nice to everyone, and being a good example even when we think nobody is watching, then we don't have to worry what people are saying about us. It's so rewarding, and relieving really, that we don't have to worry. There's always somebody watching us. I want everyone to say oh Elder Wilson is so legit! I want to be companions with him! That's the best compliment anyone could give. Because it not only makes you feel good, but it makes you want to go out and keep being a good person. More Christ-like! :)

Friday the 13th! President Moffat stopped by this morning and told us that we were going to be taking on the mid-singles branch as well as our current stake. The mid-single branch is 190 stakes!! 900+ people are actively attending, and they have 6 relief societies. It's crazy. It covers the whole valley, and we're still on bikes! The branch president, president Norton doesn't seem to have too much confidence in us, but Elder Davidson and I were determined to take the assignment on and do it well. We're going to have members give us rides to the lessons. The Lord only gives us what we can handle in this life. So if He thinks that we have potential enough to handle this, then I don't want to be the one to let Him down. Elder Davidson and I are going to work our tails off with this new assignment (well we were, until I found out I'm getting transferred. he's getting a greenie!! I'm going to be praying for him haha. )
Also on Friday, we started a fast for Dominic to come back home. Sonya the wife and Rosie their 12 year old daughter joined in in the fast! :) I said the prayer to start off the fast, and it was so so so cool. I literally felt a warm sensation come over me, and that was the Holy Ghost letting me know that everything will be okay with that family. The Lord has a plan for us all. Everything happens for a reason.
We also gave a man a blessing that he will be healed from his Vertigo which he has been having. So that was cool too :) Gosh this church is true, I just wish everyone would just realize that! Get it through our thick skulls that what the Mormons are talking about really is the truth! haha. :)

So on Saturday we were fasting for Dominic to either come home, or somehow make contact soon. He doesn't have a phone so we had no way of contacting him. We went over to Sonya's house to have a lesson, and to break the fast. THE MIRACLE HAPPENED!! Dominic called the night we began the fast, Friday night! He said that he was okay, but that he needed to stay away a little longer. So Sonya let him know that she loves him and that she and their kids really miss him. And us missionaries! ;) Gosh that was so cool :) The church is true! So we taught a lesson to Sonya and Rosie then Elder Davidson and I broke our fast at Wendy's. mmm! :) Oh and later that night we had Samoan food too. They ahd these unripe bananas covered in this weird coconut sauce. haha. that was really gross. Elder Davidson said they tasted like potatoes to him but whatever hahaha. The rest of the meal was really good though! :)

On Sunday we got up and went to 2nd ward. Sonya and Rosie didn't come :( But the weather outside was sooo good! Sunday and Monday were overcast and a little rainy and SO NICE. probably about 70 degrees. Anyways so after church brother Marriot invited us over for lunch and it wasn't quite ready by the time we got there so we watched recordings of General Conference. I have no idea what it is about that but it always puts me to sleep! (Well I guess it could have been because of the extremely comfortable lazy boy chair I was sitting in. :) ) The lunch was a feast! salad, sandwiches, baked potatoes, watermelon, so many things. then we had homemade apple pie.

Monday we met Elder Weier and Livingston at the church and talked about DLC stuff. Then we were going to visit Sonya, and when we went and were riding down the street, Rosie was playing in the street and ran towards us. She said she had something to tell us that was really exciting. DOMINIC CAME HOME!!! Freak yeah. Fasting works! Heavenly Father answers our prayers! That was so awesome. Dominic and Sonya had to go shopping, so we couldn't teach them a lesson then. It started POURING. we were completely soaked! haha. we went to see James McReynolds and his girlfriend was there (the one that he wants us to teach).

This week was a really good and crazy week. Elder Livingston told me that Taylorsville is a really nice place. So I'll see how that is. I'm going to miss this area a lot. Come what may and love it, right?

I don't know what my new address is yet, but I'll let you know next P-day most likely.
I love you all, keep praying and reading those scriptures!

Elder Wilson.
  We had some of this peanut butter that was definitely not expired at all.

 You know you're jealous!

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